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Blogs » Getupimdone2's Blog » She doesn't know it but I watched my wife get raped at a party.


She doesn't know it but I watched my wife get raped at a party.

Avatar Username: Getupimdone2
Date: 20-Sep-2017 13:51:43
Mood: horny

Everytime I do amphetamines/methamphetamines, I get really really raunchy nasty perverted horny. I'm straight with kids, yet I've gone to known gay hangouts at parks and such, broad daylight, dressed in my wife's bra, panties, skirts, and heels, just to press my luck so to speak. The first time some random guy walks up to me and ends up sucking my dick. The next outting I got a tongue shoved in my mouth by a guy I just met, had my ass tongue fucked, then the guy pretty much rapes me as he just took me from behind with his massive cock, no protection of course, then he sucked me off. The last trip over there I ended up on the other end, butt naked on my knees infront of some old guy trying to figure out how to suck his big dick. The 2 dicks I did get put in me, my ass, and mouth, were both bigger than mine!!! Anyway, my wife will sometimes get tweaked with me and she gets to feeling all raunchy and slutty just as I do. She doesn't know about my encounters with those 3 guys. Although she does like to fuck my ass with her vibrator when we're fucked up. She likes to hurt me, go figure. But anyhow, I'll take her to like public parks at night, even took her to the gay park one night, we had to hide butt naked from security that night. Had to hide in a field for half the night. But we'll take our clothes off in the car then lock it up and head down any trails or dark alleys that may be near by. Or I'll set in the car and she'll take off down the road or whatever without me. Where I can see her but too far to help her if somebody grabbed her. That's part of the lure. The what ifs, what if somebody sees us, what if somebody gets us and fucks us, what if somebody kills us, what if the cops get us. We perv on all kinds of shit. We'll fuck 10, 15 times a night when we're fucked up. Do some perverted shit to each other. I sat in the car at the boat ramp one night while she took her clothes off and went down an isolated dark trail, I bet I jacked off 3 times just thinking some horrible nasty shit happening to her. Then I caught glimpse of her laying across one of the pic nic tables, playing with her pussy. Another car had pulled up too and could clearly see her better than I could but she didn't stop. Her pelvis was rocking as she would fuck any item she could find laying around. Beer bottles out of the trash can, old shoes, she even tore her pussy up on a damn log on the ground. Crazy, crazy.

This night this guy took her tho, she was just drinking and maybe a few pain pills. Me on the other hand, I was jarred ofcourse. We was at a party and had been there all damn day into the night. And my wife is a knock out mind u. Dark brunette hair, 5'5" tall, 38C tits, size 3 waste, barely over 105lbs., porcelin white skin. So guys are always checking her out. But this night I had noticed this one guy that seemed to always end up wherever my wife ended up. Trying to talk to her and shit. She's plastered so she's not paying him no mind. They had these bails of hay stacked up in the like side back yard where people had been setting and hanging out and partying thru out the day. My wife and I were still setting there at like 3 in the morning. This guy Eric was nearby. I didn't really stop any of his advances towards her because I was raunched out. Think I was hoping she would strip down and let me watch her get gangbanged, lol. She just got shit faced drunk instead. I told her I had to go use the restroom that I would be right back. She mumbled something and laid back in the hay. Before I left her, I unbuttoned 2 buttons on her top so you could see her bra holding them perky tits up. I unbuttoned her pants and slid her zipper down, kissing on her neck, I pulled on her jeans until they were showing the top half of her lacey blue panties. The same ones I had worn when I took a massive dick in my ass. I rubbed on her pussy, then I let her lie in the hay and I went in the house. But I stood just inside the door out of site and watched to see if Eric would hit on her since I left her laying there all vulnerable. It took about ten minutes but Eric made his way over to her. He would reach and get a hand full of boob then check the door. She was out cold. Seeing this and seeing her clothes undone, and seeing I obviously wasn't coming back anytime soon. He grabbed her under her arms and drug her a few more feet from where I was, to a little bit darker spot. He let go and let her drop to the ground then tried to talk to her to see if she was awake I guess. He soon laid down beside her in the hay, popped her blouse buttons off as he ripped it open. He had his tongue in her mouth and was rubbing her titties under her bra until he just pulled it up over them and kinda straddled her, vigirously sucking her tits. Then he slid down a foot or so and grabbed her jeans by the waste and wiggled them right off, like he had done it plenty of times before. I've done took my pants and underwear off and slung them out the door into the darkness the other way. I stood there rubbing my balls and massaging my dick watching Eric suck my wife's tits and pull her jeans off of her. He grabbed her panties by the hips and went straight for her pussy with his mouth. His head was really moving as he whipped her pussy with his tongue thru her panties. After about 5 minutes he pulled them panties off her with a couple of tugs. He somehow had rolled her over while he was ridding her of her pretty little panties. She lay on her stomach now and Eric buried his face between her ass cheeks as his head kept up the same movement it had when he was licking her pussy. He'd stick his tongue all the way to her pussy then run it all the way to the top of her crack. Every so often he'd stop and go into a twirling motion as his tongue found her little butt hole. Eric stood up and looked back towards the house to see if anybody was coming. I had done eased out of the house and into the dark and was just beside a tree to the side of where my wife lay. Seeing the coast was clear, Eric made short work of his belt and quickly dropped his pants to his ankles. He lay down on her back, his dick rock hard in his hand as he spread her ass cheeks with his other hand and tried to put his pretty large dick in her tight little hole. A few tries and some serious pressure from his hips as his ass clinched up every time he tried to penetrate her ass and he gave up on the booty. He rolled her over to her back and pushed her legs apart and guided his massive meat to her pussy as he mounted on top of her. He reached down between her legs trying to guide his dick inside her as he pushed his hips back and forth. He let go of his dick and was applying pressure when he suddenly grabbed his dick again and took aim at her pussy again. I could only lean against that tree, one hand stroking my dick, the other rubbing my own ass hole. From what I could tell, his dick was big and her pussy was dry, since she was passed out cold. Eric was having a hard time working her lips apart. He finally pulled his hand away and I could see like his dick head go in, then he slid it back out of her, then a little further inside with a little more pressure the next push. 2, then 3 pumps and he was half way inside her. 2 more pumps tho and he was in. I nutted as his ass pushed his big dick inside my wife's pussy hole. I found a beer bottle on the ground next to me, taking a cue from my wife, I slowly say down on it, up and down, imagining Eric's dick fucking me in my ass. I continued to jack off, although my dick wouldn't get all the way hard. I could hear his pelvis smach into hers as he fucked the shit out of her passed out ass. He grabbed her legs behind her knees and folded her up. If she had been awake she would have definately made him stop, hell she always made me stop whenever I did that, and I had half the cock Eric had. And none of the stamina. He fucked and fucked and fucked her. Drunk numb dick I guess. I knew she would for sure feel this tomorrow. I came again, even with a half hard dick. Eric finally let her legs down and picked up the speed. Her body was just jarring with every dick thrust. Her big boobs were flapping up and down. The Eric moaned pretty good and tensed up planting his nut deep inside my wife's pussy. A few more relief pumps and he was off her and gone. He just left her laying there naked, pussy all red and abused, his nut slowly oozing out of her. After I knew he was gone, my raunchy ass goes over to her and I put my tongue in her pussy and lick Eric's cum out of her pussy. What I could lather up anyway. My dick was hard now, so I eased her over to her stomach and I fucked her asshole for about 15 vigurous minutes. Eric's cum continued to ooze out of her. I reached down and scooped what I could from her pussy and rubbed it in my ass then hers until I nutted for the 3rd time inside her bottom. Then I got dressed and went and sat in the car until day break when she came limping from around the house. She asked me if we fucked that night, and I told her no that she passed out around back and I passed out in the car. She had hay all in her hair, told me her pussy was hurting that she thinks somebody must of raped her while she was passed out. Not to mention she woke up still naked, never found her panties. Hell, who knows, one or 2 more might have jumped on it after I left her there..... I could only fantasize.


Avatar John Skolte
2017-09-23 00:46:44

That's exactly what I always hoped to have happen to my wife. Like you, I would have had it happen multiple times, if I could have. There were a couple of times when it COULD possibly have happened, but it never did.

Avatar softailryder
2017-09-21 23:09:33

Awesome story!!

Avatar John Skolte
2017-09-23 07:11:09

Just to show how serious my desire to have her fucked like that was, I made numerous attempts to set things up so that she could be taken by one or more guys and fucked without mercy. Somehow, whenever it looked like something might finally be going to happen, there would be some complication to keep it from happening, except for one time when she set herself up to be taken and repeatedly fucked by two young men. It was great hearing them take turns fucking her.

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