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Avatar Username: jennad152
Date: 30-Oct-2017 23:13:59
Mood: horny
Music: loud and wild




i love mens cocks and i love mens cum.  i loved the pic of the man jerking off in a glass.  i am a cumslut and i want that glassfull of cum poured in my mouth.  i am a cumdrinking slut and i want to lick that cum filled glass clean and scoop out the last drop of cum with my finger and bend over and spread my ass for my master and shove my cum dripping finger up my tight asshole.  i want to be used by my masters friends.  i will suck their cocks and lick their assholes for my master.  i will tongue fuck their assholes and jerk them off as my master watches.  i am my masters whore and i will take all of his friends cocks and cum.  after they are done with me i will beg them to piss all over me as my master watches.  they will piss in my mouth and i will spit their piss on my wet cunt and fuck myself for my master with hot piss dripping out of my mouth and onto my tits.  i will shove a dildo up my cunt and one up my asshole while my master has his cock sucked and his asshole licked by my slut sisters.  i am my masters whore cum drinking piss slut and i love to please my MASTER.


i love mens cocks and i love mens cum.  i put on my heaviest make-up, thick bright red lipstick, green eye shadow, heavy black eye liner and put my hair in pony tails and slip on my 5'' black heels.  master puts my collar and chain around my neck and walks me into a room full of men.  i am a total sexslave cum slut dressed like a whore for my master.  the men are all naked in a line with their hard cocks out.  master tell them to turn around and orders me to lick each of their assholes.  i spread their asses and lick each asshole.  i tongue fuck their assholes one by one and jerk off their cocks while my tongue is deep in their assholes.  when i have fucked the last asshole with my tongue master orders me to masturbate for them.  i bend over for them and spread my asshole wide for them.  master squirts lube on my ass and then shoves a big black dildo up my asshole.  master makes me fuck my ass for the men.  they are all jerking off watching me fuck my ass.  i get on my knees and turn around while i ride the black dildo in my ass.  i grab two cocks and another is forced into my mouth.  i gag on the big cock and jerk off the other two.  master takes the big dildo out of my asshole and another man shoves his hard cock deep inside me.  my red lipstick is covering the cock in my mouth.  master makes me squat and another man lies under me and i sit on his hard cock and it slams up my wet cunt.  now i am sucking one cock jerking off two more and getting fucked with a cock in my asshole and one in my cunt.  master gives a big glass to the man fucking my cunt and tells me to spit cum into it.  the cock i am sucking is ready to cum.  i suck it hard and jerk it off untill it cums in my mouth.  i spit the cum into the glass.  then i jerk off the other cocks one by one untill the glass is full of cum.  the man takes his cock out of my asshole and i lick it clean and shove it deep in my mouth and suck the cum from his balls.  i jerk off the cock that just fucked my asshole while i suck it.  it cums in my mouthand i let the cum drip from my mouth into the glass.


Master makes me lie on the floor.  he pours the glass of cum into my mouth.  i let it fill my mouth and then it overflows and runs down my face.  i am fucking my cunt with a dildo as the hot sweet cum runs down my face.  i scoop out the cum from the glass and rub it on my clit.  i fuck my cunt with cum dripping fingers and the dildo.  i scoop more cum from the glass and finger fuck my asshole with slippery cum.  the men are all watching me lie on the floor fucking myself wildly and covered in cum.  they all form a circle around me and hold their cocks in their hands watching me go cum crazy and fucking nuts.  they begin to piss on me.  they piss on my cum covered tits and face.  i open my mouth and let it fill with their hot piss.  i spit the piss on my cunt and rub my clit.  more piss in my mouth and i spread my cunt wide and spit a mouthful of hot piss into my cunt as i fuck it with a dildo.  they wash my cum covered face with their piss and i fuck the dildo like a cum crazed slut.  i love mens cock and i love mens cum and i love mens piss.  i am a cum slut piss drinking WHORE CUNT who will do anything for my MASTER.


Avatar Control
2017-12-19 13:34:37

that bitch is truly what you are and I'm sure your Master is proud of you as I am of My slut

Avatar goodtimes2
2017-11-02 10:54:05

Such a good slut for Master

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