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Slut on a leash

Avatar Username: rushfan
Date: 16-Jan-2014 19:43:28
Mood: other
Music: Slut Wife story 2

If you read my prelude you know my wife and I were preyed apon by an aggressive swingers group in Va. beach.It started with a couple that lived in our apartment complex,they were British.He worked as some kind of consultant to some military entity i knew nothing about.Suit and tie guy,his wife was a nice looking red head i had meet at the complex pool.My wife had introduced us as the two of them had spent the summer either at the beach or by the pool sunbathing.we got started slowly with this couple i found out later my wife had been fucking him for some time,his name was Dennis.They had hatched a plan to bring me into the fold.They did.

About a month into my wife and I swinging with this couple over dinner one night Margret,dennis's wife said "i have an idea,how about tomorrow we swap for the day.Ill spend the day with Thomas and Dennis will spend the day with Amy".We talked and laughed about it but the conversation did turn serious,it was Dennis's idea how about 9 am to 9 am?We swap for 24 hours.Ok? sounds like fun.It was friday night and we decided we would meet at the "swim club" saturday night and they would buy the drinks.I was only 20.Cool sounds like a plan.

We didnt play with Dennis and Margret that night which we usually would have,after dinner we went home and got naked.I could tell my wife was really excited about tomorrow.We talked about it but she was coy in her answers to me,all i could think of was what in the world am i gona do all day and night with Margret?I mean do we hang out?Of course well ll fuck like crazy,but 24 hours?Spend the night together?My mind was racing.

We get up the next morning and my wife is excited as hell.I'm a little hurt and jealous cause all i have is anxiety about the whole deal.Shes watching the clock and when it gets about 10 till she kisses me says she loves me and to try to have fun.She can tell im not all the excited about today as she is.Shes out the door like lightning and it isnt a few minutes later in walks Margret.Now Margret was awesome just a kind loving woman,and the first woman ive ever known that had an accent.Just her talking was hot and i know Dennis used his James Bond bullshit to suck my wife in.So in bop's Margret and shes all over me.It was basicly her knocking me down getting me hard and riding my pony till i blew my wad in her.We get done and she says come on get dressed i got a surprise for you and out the door we go.We get in my car and im like where we going? She says the mall.Oh great lucky ass me i hate the fucking mall.I soldier on and in the mall we go.She walks us into this up scale store and heads to the mens department.wtf? She is picking out this and picking out that running me in and out of the dressing room.Ii feel like a piece of meat and mommy is buying me new school clothes.I want to die.She finds what she likes and off we go staright into a shoe store same thing.New shiny size 13's where am i going to wear these?I'm a nike and black boot guy.She gets done and shes just as happy as ive ever seen her,she pulls Dennis's credit card out and i didnt see the bills but she blew some cash on me.We get back to my place and she says now its time for you to have fun.Oh yea! Take me for a ride she says.Hell yea the days looking up!Mr black tshirt and jeans is happy again.I take her out for a long ride and i stop at a place that had a few ponds that was very seculeded i had used before.I fucked the shit out of Margret bent her over my bike every way i could think of.She loved that Milwaukee vibrator and was soaking wet from the ride.We go to the beach and just hang out the rest of the day.We stop and eat on the way home.Its getting late by then and we are supposed to meet my wife and dennis at the swingers club.(they had bought our memberships also)i'm a 3rd class petty officer,i barely pay the bills.We get cleaned up and Margret dresses my dumb ass in the new clothes.Picture John Travoltra in Saturday Night Fever.ugh! But i played along.Shes dresses in a slinky club dress that was shiny and smokin hot.No bra and her nipples were always hard.She looked great! I drive us to the club and i notice dennis's car isnt in the lot.We go inside and she starts buying me drinks.One of her girlfriends comes over and starts chatting me up.The conversation turns very naughty,and i swear to god i was blushing! Heres the big tough biker blushing.I was! They want me together and im just a mumbleing idiot.Then it was like a spot light came on and my attention was drawn to the door.In walked Dennis in full leather garb.This mother fucker doesnt even own a bike wtf?And in his hand is a leash and attached to the other end of the leash was my pretty wife Amy.I was stunned!She looked AWESOME!

As part of my wife and i's little swinger game we would lay in bed together and tell each other what we did.She would work my cock with her hot little mouth and tell me all the dirty things she did.I would be rock hard.

So there i am at the bar and it seemed every eye in the room was on my wife.I cant hear the music playing my heart is pounding so fucking hard its like WOOM WOOM WOOM in my ears.I've got two women who want to take me to one of the play rooms and fuck me and i cant hear what their saying.I just stare at my wife.

Shes wearing a black corset with red trim and short leather skirt,Fishnet hose and black pumps.her hair is made up like a rock star and ive never seen her makeup worn that way.And of course that collar and leash.

She would not make eye contact with me and it drove me crazy.Dennis is parading her around the room like a prize thoroughbred.he couldnt be prouder! I hate that fucker is all i could think.I should go over there and drop him like a sack of pototos.But i didnt.Margret and her friend snapped me out of my daze,and pulled me into a play room.Having two women on their knees running there faces up and down my shaft got my mind off my wife.I was pissed and i figured this was my penthouse moment and i was going to make the best of it.I did! Those two women used my young hard cock like they were dick starved.They started 69'ing each other and told me to take turns fucking them.it was so fucking hot and then the woman whos name i couldnt remember grabbed my cock from Margrets pussy and put it in her mouth OH MY GOD! I went back and forth,both women sucking the others pussy juices off my manhood.I didnt even notice we had drawn a crowd.Im holding as long as i can but they could tell i was ready to blow and when i said i cant hold it they both got on there kness and wanted fed.I blew hard! And they loved every drop of it they cleaned my cock with their red lips it was increadible!I put my ugh! wardrobe back on and we headed to the bar after some polite clapping from our viewers.Im feeling a little better now.Thats right whos the man around here and then i see my wife.

Dennis is holding her leash and she's on her knees sucking this old mans cock.Shes not just giving him a blow job she is sucking his dick like its the last dick she'll ever get it her whore mouth.There is a crowd watching.All you hear over the music is the sound of her going GULP GULP GULP as she deepthroats his less than average cock for all its worth.I cant watch.

At the bar Margret is trying to keep me occupied and shes doing a good job.I pounded a few shots and shes dragging me around the room introducing me as her boy toy.I know, fuck you i hated that.And we end up watching a room where two older whores are being gangbanged it was hot!everybody dressed up or dressed in fetish gear.The sites the sounds the smell of leather in the room and those two bitchs getting gangbanged was beholding to see.It was the first gangbang i witnessed.We head back to the bar area and as we shuffled past a small crowd of people i hear Dennis say "take that cock out of your mouth slut and tell him how old you are" and my wifes voice responds "I'm eighteen Sir!" Dennis says "you my start sucking his cock again" I thought i would flip out but Margret took control and said i have a surprise for you and dragged me away against my better judgement.She sits me at the bar and i know i should end this but i dont.Her and her girlfriend get me to leave and go back to my place,and we did.I fucked both of them the best i knew how,and i tried to punish every hole they would let me in,they palyed all kinds of silly games with me all night.They were alot of fun and i quickly got over being traumitized.

They made me breakfast the next morning and we really did have alot of laughs and naughty fun together.At 9:05 my wife walks in the door and go's straight to the bathroom and i hear the shower.I kiss the ladys goodbye and i wait.

She still wont look me in the eye,and we have uncomfortable short chit chat for the rest of the day.Then we finially go to bed.I asked her if she wanted to fool around and shes like no im tired i just want to go to sleep.and sleep we did.I get up monday and off to the base.

When i get home that night shes made me an awesome dinner.(unuaual!) and shes back to normal.I cant wait to go to bed and hear all the details,when we finially get in bed i have to pry,push,conjole and reassure her its ok to open up and tell me whats wrong. She starts to give in.it turns out Dennis is a Dom and Margret is a sub.Margret is his tool to keep jealous husbands in line while he Dom's their women.She palyed her part well.

My young bride finially tells me whats bothering her.Dennis had been training her as his sub since we started.I was so dumb i didnt know for sure what a D/s relationship was.She explains to me her training,and i couldnt help but get hard.It was something to hear.It seems that our little 24 hour swap was all preplanned.It was a test for my wife.She told me how much she loved what her and Dennis did.She was in sexual nervana.

I asked her what they did,she told me when she went over she got in her sub posture and waited for Dennis to tell her what to do.He instructed her to get in the shower,she said he scrubbed every inch of her,and then he douched her and then used a hot water bottle to clean her ass.We had been doing anal sex since we were in high school,as ive said before she would rather have anal sex than pussy sex.But our dumbass's didnt know your supposed to clean the anal cavity.Who knew?After he cleaned her she said they got dressed and he took her to get her hair and nails done.It was her first time ever having her nails done by a pro.Even her little piggies were red.Dennis had already bought her the clothes she wore last night.He ended up buying her all kinds of sexy clothes and shoes.I enjoyed that! My broke ass could never dress her that way.

She said they worked on her training all day.He was into BD/SM i didnt know that either,and he played with his pet long and hard.She said he drove her around and made her go to get gas and go to several adult book stores while he held her leash as part of her training.I asked her how many guys she sucked off, i saw 3 she said mast and caught herself and then said Dennis told me i sucked 11 cocks.Im thinking you lost count?She said he was so proud he was just beeming.He decided which of his friends i would suck off.He would make me ask permission and he would make me stop at some point and make me tell them how old i was.She was used to my sperm and Dennis's she said she didnt really like sucking the older guys off their cum just wasnt that tasty.Need more proof shes a cum slut?Just what you want to hear from your wife huh! But she said Dennis made her swallow every load and then he would pass me to another guy. She said she knew dennis had pissed off several men who wanted their turn but he was holding the leash and it was him that was in control.I know she would have sucked every dick in the house dry, fuckin whore.

She said after they got back Dennis was so thrilled with her he said she had passed with honors and as her prize she would graduate to the next level.Pain Slut.

She said he basicly tortured her all night.She said he would restrain her and force orgasims.She said she had never cum so much.Again and again.She said he used toys on her introduced her to nipple clamps,ball gags,whips,floggers,bound and restrained her and oh yea took lots of pictures.She said i know you are pissed.But dont be mad at mast there it was again she was calling him Master.I mean dennis i LOVED it! I want you to fuck me like that!

Shes hasnt had her hot little mouth on my cock and im rock fucking hard.Im pissed,feeling violete towards Dennis.I'd bitch slap his ass back across the pond.But she begged me not to stop it she said she loves her training and she would do anything for me let let it continue.

She had a power over me and i was weak to her will.We fucked like banshies that night and im thinking i got to get some handcuffs that sounds so hot.I know, what a dork!

The next day at work its killing me.The worst part was here was this late 30 something guy that had a hold of my wife i couldnt break.I was tormented by that.And then i realised what was really bothering me.

I'm 20 all i know about sex is get it hard fuck like hell and blow.I had no skills to counter what Dennis was doing.Shit i hadnt even seen but a few pornos at that time.I was young and dumb,and then it hit me.I had that ah ha moment.

I called Margret and said we need to talk.She met me at Rudy Inlet after i got off work.I was bold and honest with her.I asked for her help.I told her i know im not fucking you like you really want and i need help.All i got is hard dick and i know you like that but teach me what i dont know.

Thanks to Margret she made me a man.I had an ephiny when she asked me what do i want to be good at.Ask yourself gentelmen if you were only good at 1 thing what would you want that to be?

Sex! if your a master of the sex game you can concour any woman.Thats what i needed.That was my new focus.


Avatar num1scamp
2014-01-17 17:28:56

Im a sub too, and I can attest that it makes me almost continuously wet and horny. I get all my fantasies fulfilled and enjoy the tension created by nolt knowing exactly what will happen next, but knowing Ill be sexually fulfilled by serving my Master.

Avatar submilf4u2share
2014-01-17 02:29:55

Just love how your wife found her true calling...loving to submit and be used. So hot and look forward to more...she must have looked so hot with a collar, leash, and a mouthful of cock, several cocks! Great story.

Avatar Rontex
2014-01-16 21:01:07

Hot story, will be interesting to see where it goes....

Avatar pjswing
2014-01-16 21:27:22

Can't wait to hear the next part of your story,hot as hell

Avatar ontmale
2014-01-20 22:39:37

so if your a biker type why not kick the crap out dennis and make sure he is a bitch too

Avatar submilf4u2share
2014-01-20 21:51:14

The title of this is one I love...slut on a leash...straight to the point and just damn HOT...keep on sharing!

Avatar treo
2014-01-19 04:31:56

Im not into Dom/Sub, but that was hot! I think im a cuck though.

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