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My slutwife journey!

Avatar Username: num1scamp
Date: 11-Jun-2017 15:35:00
Mood: horny

        I did my first bachelor party about six months after I'd started dancing. I knew the other girls did them sometimes, but this was the first times I'd been asked. Another dancer, Kat, approached me and asked me if I'd like to do one with her and another girl. I was a little apprehensive at first but Kat said we could bring a body guard with us, and it wasn't expected that we'd have sex with anyone. So the money was good and I said sure. I got my husband to be our bodyguard,which he was more than capable of doing. Kat did tell me the guys would tip us more the rowdier we got and the more we let them accidently touch us.


       One the appointed night we were pickled up at the club parking lot by a huge limousine, party bus. It was Kat, myself and my husband. The other girl handn't shown up, it was 7:30. We got on the bus and it was really neat. Subdued lighting throughout, sound system going, a bar, stripper pole and 12 guys who had already obviously been partying. The windows were tinted so dark, you could see out, but no one could see in the bus. The guys offered us some drinks and the party got underway. The bus waited about 15 minutes for the other girl to show, but it wound up being just me and Kat. Kat took her coat off, and she was already dressed to go, she had on a see thru top tied under her huge breasts, and a micro g-string. She had on leather boots with 6" stiletto heels, she was a very pretty hot girl with long blonde hair. (Kat's boyfriend was the president of a famous motorcycle gang). She walked right to the stripper pole and began dancing.  I took my coat off and asked who the groom was. The guys started pointing him out and chanted his name. Chuck, Chuck, Chuck. I took my drink and I went and sat on his lap. Guys were already throwing money at Kat and they begand throwing it at me, as I first let Chuck take off my skirt and then my blouse. ( We had signals worked out with my husband if we felt we needed help. Only about 15 minutes had gone by as we were driving down a major road and I saw that Kat was already dancing totally nude on the pole. Chuck had been kissing me and had attempted to feel my breasts more than once. His cock was rock hard, I could feel it poking my ass as I sat on him. So I leaned in and told him he could remove my top for me. The guys cheered as he freed my tits. I then got up and straddled his legs, I pulled his head to me and I fed him my tits. The guys loved it. It was strange, we were surrounded by traffic, I could see the people in their cars as Kat was nude, and Chuck was sucking on my nipple. Guys started shouting, free Chuck, free Chuck, money was flying and I started to slowly take Chucks pants off of him. I hadn't let him touch me yet, other than play with my tits. I was down to my G-string and high heels. Soon Chuck was stripped down to just his briefs, with his cock peeking out the top of them. I kneeled between his legs and teased him just kissing the head of his cock, and occasionally licking it.  I finally ripped his briefs down and freed his cock. Pre-cum was already glistnening the head of it. I took his cock in my hand and stroked it. Your last night as a free man Chuck, I said to him. ( I had been turned on by all of this, I'd already decided I was going to fuck him). I deliberately and slowly bent over and licked the pre-cum from his cock to more cheers. He had a nice cock, not huge, thick about 6 1/2 inchs. I ripped my G-string off and put his cock right at the entrance of my pussy. Well Chuck I said, what do you want? He pulled me right down on his cock in one thrust. I was so wet it was no problem, he went right in easily. I fucked him very slowly as he sucked and played with my tits, I knew he was ready to explode. I turned my head and Kat had a large cock in her mouth and she was being fucked from behind as well, as we were driving thru downtown Detroit.  Chuck came really hard, screaming out as he did. I got off him as his cock got soft and kissed him. I got a drink and walked to where Kat was, I could see she was cumming. The guy behind her pulled and and shot cum all over her lovely ass. The guy she'd been sucking took his place, and started fucking her hard. She looked up at me and smiled, she pulled me to her and she started eating my cunt. She was really good, she had me cumming in no time. The best man approached me and brought me a drink and a smoke. I sat with him and llet him play with me as I relaxed a little. I finished my smoke and I took his cock in my hand and began stroking it. He had a big cock 8", he got really hard. I told him to fuck me, hard. He did. He soon had me cumming again. He wound up finishing in my mouth as someone else entered my pussy. A few minutes later I was air tight, one in my mouth, one in my pussy and one in my ass. I absolutely loved it!

         12 guys two girls and 4 hours later they dropped us back at the club. Kat kissed me goodbye, and I got in the car with my husband. I'd made more in one night then I normally made in a week. My husband looked at me and laughed and said, well you had a good time. I laughed and said I sure did, now take me home and fuck me!  He did, like only he nows how!

        Two weeks later I sat in the club with the best man next to me. Men are truly funny. he was trying to convince me to go out with him. Telling me how'd he take care of me, how I wouldn't need to do this anymore.  A little lust and logic leaves them. I llet him finish an then looked him in the eye. I take it you realize I really enjoyed myself that night? Yes, I know he said. So, I said, you had sex with me and watched me have sex with you're friends. You saw me fully enjoy myself being a real slut for you and them, and now you're telling me how you want to date me, have me be your girlfriend. You're just in temporary love with a memory I told him. You'd be embarassed being with me in front of your friends, when you weren't around you'd be wondering who I was fucking. Look, I said,we had a lot of fun, but it's not going to happen again. I'm married, to a man who loves me and accepts me for who I am. I don't have to work, I work because I don't want anyone taking care of me. I also enjoy it. One night your going to be with a woman who really turns you on and all of a sudden I'll just be a pleasant memory. Hopefully she'll love you too. Lust is such a temporary thing.





To be continued..........



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