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Blogs » pokerman's Blog » Amy must have a sister


Amy must have a sister

Avatar Username: pokerman
Date: 13-Aug-2017 01:08:00
Mood: horny

Amy's tale and her hot photos reminded me of my first girlfriend - the girl who first introduced me to the delights of a womans body. My GF (L) and me had been going out for around three months and had been fucking regularly since our first date. Now she had a reputation amongst her friends for being a slut, something which got me mad when I heard it, and which got me into more than one fight. Naturally, I didn't believe a word of it - until the night that we stayed in a hostel in London. It was one of those places that had communal,rooms, with around 8-10 beds and a shared bathroom. A nice clean place, but I was a bit unsure, as we put our stuff into a locker and went out to a concert. After a great night out, sweaty and exhausted, we stopped in the pub near the hostel for a couple of drinks. Two guys stood at the bar, who looked vaguely familiar. I bought drinks and we stood next to them, as there were no seats. L was a natural flirt and started to chat to the guys - they had checked in at the same time as we did amd had spent all night in the pub, so were pretty plastered. L was getting on famously with the big guy, and I was beginning to wonder what was going on, when she suddenly downed her drink, winked at the guys and dragged me out. Back in the hostel, All the lights were out and the room was full of the sounds of the night. L stripped in the dark and jumped beneath the sheets, grabbing me and pulling my shorts off. I slid in and put my hands between her legs, to find that she was sopping wet, and was as horny as hell. The door then opened and our two friends stumbled noisily in, dropping into their beds and falling straight to sleep. As the room quietened again, L climbed on top of me, grabbing my cock and pushing it inside of her. She was so wet that I was soaked in seconds, and she slid herself back and forth, grinding her clitoris against my cock, rotating her hips to maximise the sensation. Within a few minutes of this, her orgasm built as she increased the speed and force of her movements, making me as hard as hell, but helpless beneath her. She was, as usual, in total control. Her head dropped, her hips shook, her breasts flailed back and forth and her first orgasm went through her in waves. I knew her well enough to know that this was just the beginning. As L rolled off, I got up and whispered that I needed to pee, stumbling to the shared loo in the dark. Fumbling for the light switch, , I realised that there was somebody sat, unconcious, on the loo. A middle aged, busty woman had passed out in there, and she was sat before me, knickers round her ankles, with piss still wet on her exposed, hairy pussy. I stood and looked her up and down, my erection forming again, the head angry and red, throbbed just a few inches in front of her face. She was pretty, for a woman of about fifty, with short dark hair and what looked like a great pair of tits. This pretty MILF was fully made up, with bright red lipstick and mascara, making her look a little slutty, especially as I was staring at her dripping, hairy cunt! I decided to turn off the light so that she wouldn't see me naked, and try to wake her. As the light went out, she woke up with a start. Apologising, I asked if she was OK and made out that I had just come in. She stood up, and bent down to pull up her panties. As she did, I felt her face brush against my erection. With a little shriek, she stood up swiftly and fell back against the toilet. 'It's OK' I said, 'I just came in for a pee and didn't realise you were in here'. She stood up again and assured me that it wasn't the first erect penis she had felt, as she was a nurse, but it was a bit of a shock, in the dark. We laughed and she put her hand around my cock, giving it a playful squeeze and a sexy little tug, saying 'someones a lucky girl, I haven't seen one that hard for years!' My Expectations were dashed though, as she then carefully pulled up her panties, gave the head of my cock a big wet kiss, and left. Any man will know that it is impossible to pee with a hard on, so I had to stand there for ages, waiting for the urge to abate - not easy, with thoughts of bright red lips kissing my cock, and the delights of L, waiting for me, with a dripping wet pussy. Eventually the job was done and I crept back to our bed. Slipping beneath the sheets, I realised that L was gone. She couldn't have gone to the loo, as there was only one, so where was she? Laying in the dark, I could hear faint moans coming from the other side of the room. Lucky bastard,I thought! As the moans got louder, I suddenly realised that they were familiar. L had a way of jerking as she came, making her moans sound like she was having a heart attack. This girl was about to have a major coronary by the sound of it, and it had to be L. Enraged at the thought, I shot out of bed and stumbled across the room toward the sound. Dim light from street lights outside silhoutted L astride a man, humping him like there was no tomorrow. I was speechless, (but a little turned on) and I just stared, open mouthed at the sight of my GF humping a random stranger. A voice from the darkness jerked me from my silent rage - 'climb in here, you'll get cold'. A hand reached out and stroked my cock. In the gloom I could just make out the MILF from the loo, her breasts glowing milky white in the half light, the covers pulled back to reveal her soft plump form, with a dark pubic mound just visible. My erection instantly returned and I slipped between her sheets, then between her legs and with an ecstatic moan, I gratefully entered her soft tight pussy. Sex with this woman was heavenly, she was soft, plump, sensuous and she knew how to fuck. For the first time in my life, I came multiple times - riding her, licking her, rimming her, riding her again, fucking her arse. She knew all the tricks, (finger up the bum and all that) and her orgasms seemed endless, one merging with the next - silent but sensuous, as I felt her body stiffen and shudder, felt her breath on my neck, smelt her sex and felt her vagina tense and twitch. So all was not lost, I got a great experience and L got fucked by the guy she was flirting with in the pub - a well hung black guy apparently. Twenty years later, I have my own MILF, Elaine, who has the same dark hair, full soft breasts, luscious red lips and a newly acquired freedom to fuck anyone she wants. She also has a fantasy for big cocks, albeit a recent fear of them as well. Elaine has had a recent experience which fulfilled that fantasy and she will be sharing it soon, I'm sure. It's just a shame that I didn't get to see her latest experience, she fucked this latest guy all on her own.


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