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Small Cock Marriage experiences

Avatar Username: victorsev
Date: 24-Nov-2017 19:44:51
Mood: horny
Music: instrumental


My wife knew big time (if you will excuse the analogy) what she was letting herself into when she married me. My wife and I are a white couple. I had a small white cock then and still have a small (4 inches erect with a 4 inch circumference) white cock now. During our young married sex years she took delight in telling me during sex that all the other cocks she had fucked were bigger than mine. Not much of a brainer that statement! She claims to have had sex with five other cocks before me (all white). Knowing the sexual appetite and body to go with the appetite my wife has, I have always felt that five is rather an understatement.

 My wife is a competitive swimmer and has the long legs and slim trim body to go with it. Her largest assets are her magnificent 38C cup breasts that are firm and muscular supported. She refuses to wear a bra at all. No she doesn’t have blonde hair but long brunette hair that hangs to her nipples. I suppose decent sized tits on a woman are the equivalent of a decent size cock on a male.

 Like any young couple we had regular sex. It quickly turned to oral sex with me sucking her to orgasm while she sucked and savoured my “Little White marshmallow” of a cock. She said my small cock was no good for fucking but just the right size for sucking. She said it reminded her of a baby’s pacifier. She would tease me walking around the house naked, pushing her big tits together and asking me if I would like to tit fuck her, knowing darn well that I did not have the cock length to get between those might mammarys.  

 It was about this point that she stopped wearing any underwear at all not just round the house but when we went out as well. At first I was embarrassed but eventually it was a turn on for my little white cock to know that my wife was totally naked under her cotton dress as we walked through the mall.

 Now you are probably asking “Did she have other sexual partners after we were married as she was so unsatisfied by my small cock?” I am aware of one sexual partner that I will tell you about but I’m sure that with her body and sexual appetite there must have been more behind my back. She had regular sex with her work boss who was a few years younger than her. When I discovered what was going on (always working late) she told me that once the shop had closed they would go into the storeroom to “check stock” where they would drink wine strip naked and have prolonged sex.  At first, I thought I would be jealous and angry, but as she gave me a detailed account of what had happened I found that I was enjoying what I was hearing and becoming most aroused. She was still a little under the influence of the wine and post-coitial exuberance when I removed her clothes and took her naked to the bedroom where we had THE most amazing sex despite sloppy seconds. I asked her why she had sex with her boss and she simply replied “He has a much bigger and more satisfying cock than yours” I rest my case.

 Like any other young couple we made love on a regular basis. This routine became Saturday night and we seemed to get into a boring, declining sexual lifestyle. To liven up the bedroom fun we started watching soft porn videos. You know the Emmanuel type. Although fun at first my wife asked if we couldn’t get anything a bit more explicit. So we moved up to hardcore porn watching. It was all very vanilla really, white man fucking white woman, although it did give my wife the opportunity to see big cock on screen. 

We soon out grew this genre and I bought home a threesome video. Two well endowed men fucking a blonde. Well my wife was fascinated at the fact of the woman on her knees while one fucked her from the back, doggie style, as she sucked on a cock up front. She said that this must be the ultimate pleasure any woman could expect having two cocks available for her entertainment. 

We would normally get a video every weekend but she started stopping at the video shop on the way home from work and she would initiate the porn (and sex during and afterwards). We were watching at least three to four times a week.

She still had to put up with my small 4 inch cock which she said was ideal for sucking but not for fucking. She would lie on the lounge floor sucking my cock watching yet another on screen blonde being spit roasted by two well hung white men. At first she would finger herself as she sucked my cock, then certain vegetable sex aids were bought to the lounge. Whatever in season I suppose. While sucking my small white cock, watching the porn she would manage to get a carrot or leek up her hungry cunt and masturbate herself to climax keeping pace with the goings on on the screen.  I have seen her use a large thick semi ripe banana with skin on, then peel it and push the banana in until she cums. She then triumphantly pulls it out of her cunt and makes me eat the banana.

With the aid of copious amounts of baby oil we had “threesomes” with hothouse cucumbers getting longer, thicker and deeper. I noticed that her orgasms were so much bigger with bigger cucumbers. Then one porn night as I was setting up the VCR my wife came into the lounge in her naked state and was holding the wooden black pepper grinder which she had slipped a condom over. It looked huge in comparison to my erect 4 inch cock.

“You couldn’t possibly ...”I stammered. That was a challenge in itself for her. We got the video rolling the oil flowing and my pleasure was getting my small cock sucked as I watched my wife slowly insert this huge wooden pepper grinder into her receptive cunt. Yes she did manage to get it in and pushed it to the hilt as she sucked my cock and watched yet another MMF spit roasting on the screen.

We had worked out a solution and got to know those sexual years as the “Insertion times.”






Avatar softailryder
2017-11-26 03:34:08

Cant wait for the next chapter

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