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Blogs » 3someencounter's Blog » My night with Steve in Singapore


My night with Steve in Singapore

Avatar Username: 3someencounter
Date: 07-Jan-2018 21:08:58
Mood: full of life
Music: me and Steve

Bill is a good friend of my husband, who must have called Bill and asked him to provide me some pleasure, while I am alone in Singapore. Bill did not have enough time and when he rang me, he asked me, if I would mind, if he would ask a friend of his to provide me that kind of pleasure, of which he knew that I want all the time. I confirmed.

When the phone rang it was the concierge of the Hotel, who asked me to come down and pick up a guest. In seeing Steve the first time, I got goose bumps. Minimum 2 meters tall with very broad shoulders. His smile made me feel good. He looked at me with a strange expression. Only later would I know why. He must have considered his cock penetrating this 157 cm tall and 49 kilo light woman.

In the elevator, he only caressed my back and it made me shiver. In the room, I was so excited, that I asked Steve, if I could undress him. He consented. He himself simply took my long T-shirt off me, under which I was naked.
I had obviously gasped when I had gotten my first look at his not yet fully hard cock, because I said he had proudly and braggingly announced, some nine and a half inches long and 7-8 inches around. I have measured Steve's cock 3 times.

At the time before I measured his cock, my mind did not comprehend the figures that he told me. All I could grasp at that particular moment was the actual size that I was looking at. And it was not even hard at that moment.

It is so big! I said and sounded obviously as if I am scared for my tight hole.

Do not worry! He promised me, that if you are half the woman your husband to me you are it will all go in and you will love every inch. I will make sure of that!

He had dropped his pants meanwhile and started to lower me back onto the table, where I was standing to with my back. Even though I was in a semi state of shock I realized that he obviously intended to fuck me right then and there. No, I said, not here Steve. Let us go onto the bed! Please.

He allowed me to move away from the table and removed the rest of his clothes and was standing next to the bed waiting for me to undress. I quickly removed my clothes. My body was trembling with a combination of fear, excitement and anticipation. After I removed my last article of clothing I hopped into the bed on my back, legs apart offering my shaved and spread open pussy to him. I even pulled my lips apart as if that would be needed to get his head in between. I was anxious to see the size of his cock-head when Steve was hard.

It was, however, at this point, that the actions of Steve again changed.

He kissed my mouth, fondled my tits, biting my nipples softly, which made me instantly wet, and started slowly finger my pussy with one finger. All the while I held onto his huge cock with my hand, while feeling it grow and grow and becoming harder and harder. After only a couple of minutes it was my turn to be in a hurry. Squeezing his cock hard I pulled at it saying, "now penetrate me, put it inside me. Fuck me! I begged. Shove it right up my hole! Fuck me right now. I want to feel your big cock inside me Steve!

Not so fast, he calmly told me and asked politely, if I had ever had a cock of his big size
inside inside me.

Of course not or I believe not! I stated. I responded though impatiently. That is why I want you. I want to find out. I want to feel you inside me, right now.

Steve replied "well I cannot just shove it in if you are not used to such a size. I need to take time to prepare your pussy so it will  be able to bear the significant stretching, which will hurt initially, but which will grow into great pleasure shortly.

I thought he was talking about taking time to prepare my pussy hole for the final act of putting his cock inside my pussy and I started to protest. I replied: "I am married woman as you know and I am certain that my husband informed you that I can take many men. I do not want to waste the time being with you for the first time and and we both having the consent of my husband while you are busy stretching my pussy so your cock will fit. I want you now, right now damn. Now, let me lead your cock-head to my hole and between my wet lips.

But, quite contrary, that was not what Steve was suggesting. Just lay there, he said, and let me loosen you up some before we get down to fucking and lengthy penetration.

As he spoke he sat up on the bed and re-positioned himself to a place where he could better access my pussy. He slipped one of his fingers back into my pussy and probed around with it just a little. He said: "Ummmmmm. Your hole is nice and tight. I am gonna like this. It will be just like doing a virgin. Your 59 year old pussy hole is really tight.

As he fingered me I could feel my pussy starting to heat up. It didn not take long before he added a second finger and then a third. By the time he had the third finger inside me I could feel my pussy being stretched and my pussy-juices had really started to flow. He used three fingers inside me for what felt like a long time. Then he abruptly stopped. "I guess that will do", he said as he removed his fingers and stood up.

I was nearing an orgasm when Steve removed his fingers. But, I did not complain about the fact that he had stopped. Even though I was disappointed I was now so horny to feel his cock inside me.

He took a couple of steps over to his clothes from where he took and opened a bottle of lubricant. Having done so he poured some onto his cock and rubbed it on with his hand. He then applied some drops to his fingers and rubbed the lubricant on my pussy lips and a bit into my front hole to be followed by my rear entrance. The coolness of the oil felt comfortable and made my pussy and asshole muscles contract - almost making me have the orgasm that had been so very near only a moment earlier.

"Every little bit of lubrication helps", he told me as he tossed the bottle aside and got between my wide spread legs. Once in position Steve placed the enormous head of his brutally hard cock at the entrance of my pussy and sort of leaned into me. The plum-sized head of his cock caused my pussy-lips to come apart. I groaned as he started to enter me. At the same time I did something that no other woman would have ever done according to my own thinking and in expectation of the sheer size of his cock and the initial pain involved and, as such, at least not during the first initial penetration. I moved my legs and locked them behind his back, raising my hips upward at the same time. He pushed some and I squealed in pain, unlocking my legs from his back and throwing my arms out.

"Oh GOD" I screamed. "Oh God it hurts"

"Just relax, Helga" Steve said, "you have just got the head in. There is a lot more to go until my entire shaft is inside you"

"Oh, it is so big" I replied.

He paused, while his cock-head was resting inside the entrance of my pussy and waiting for my pussy to adjust. Then he kissed me passionatly and our tongues were going wild in both our mouths. As he was doing so he let the weight of his body put pressure on his cock and I felt it immediately. I breathed deeply as I started to relax most likely from the intimate kissing. As my pussy seemed to relax, his cock penetrated my more, and then some more, and then some more.

"That is not it yet, although I am more than half of my cock inside you, only a couple to three more inches to go. I do not want to go too deep, at least not for your first time that I am penetrating you right now" Steve said.

I was more or less gasping for air as I threw my legs back up on him and tightened my leg muscles around his back. "Oh God, Oh God" I whimpered over and over again.

Having gotten to this point he finally started a slow back-and-forth movement – still not inside me all the way. Every five or six strokes inward he would push a little more of his cock inside me. After about a dozen strokes he had a good number of inches inside me when he started to slowly withdraw right to the knob, making me groan and cry out even louder, clutching at his ass cheeks with my hands and trying to hunch my hips upward in an attempt to get me push him and his cock again deeper inside me. I wanted it all – I was desperate for Steve’s entire cock in my pussy hole.

I was absolutely delirious from pleasure. "Oh, Ohhhhh, shove it in, please, please give me more, give me all, I whined. Fill my pussy. Do it, Oh God do it!"

Pausing momentarily he told me, "There are only about two more inches to go. How does it feel? Do you have still room to go?"

"Oh God, it feels wonderful, keep going, push it all in!" I almost demanded.

"Am I deeper than your husband has ever been?" he asked.

"Oh God, yes. It feels like twice as deep, and your cock is so brutally thick" I answered.

At this moment, Steve told me that he had been briefed by my husband, that my husband made me or allowed me to have many men penetrate me and ejaculate into me and that I/we both also enjoyed to fuck with one or more additional men at our place.

Steve was confident enought to state "This though is virgin territory - only one cock and so thick that even lubricant and my pussy juice does not allow to just have his cock slide in and outh like other normal sized cocks do" he teased.

"Oh God, YES, no one has ever been this deep in me! NO ONE, only you Steve, ONLY YOU! Please, please, shove it all in. Please shove the rest in".

By now I was begging him to shove the rest of his long, thick and hard cock inside my pussy.

"Are you sure you want the rest" he teasingly asked me.

"Oh yes, I am sure. Give me the rest of your beautiful cock" I pleaded.

I once again tried to open my legs wider, while Steve positioned his arms behind my upper legs and took my hands into his hands. Now I was "locked in" and some fear came upon me briefly. I could not escape anymore, not even could I move aside anymore, if I wanted to.

He finally gave me what I asked for and in one quick shove he pushed the last inches into my body.

I had never felt such a variety of sensation all at once. There was pain, and an indescribable sensation of pleasure both at the same time. I had felt an incredibly hot sensation in my pussy and there had also been a tingling sensation in my nipples. I had felt light headed to the point of feeling dizzy. Then it had happened, even without him moving, I had an orgasm. An orgasm so strong that it had taken my breath away. I almost passed out.

Steve had obviously seen the same reaction from other women because I felt that he never moved. He just remained still between my legs with his big cock still all the way inside me. When I regained my composure enough to speak I asked him if he had ejaculated already and he told me. No, and that he only came when he wanted to and when he came that I would know and feel it immediately. Once he knew that I had regained my senses he started fucking me again. Slowly, at first, then with increasing force. I had no idea how many orgasms I had or how long we actually fucked. I seemed to be in a constant state of orgasm. They came one right after the other as he fucked me. I finally had to tell him I could not take it anymore.

He made me beg for his cum before he finally gave it to me. He had stopped moving and had buried his cock as deeply as he could inside me. When he did decide to give me what I wanted he raised my hips up from the bed and placed my ankles  up on his shoulders. Being in that particular position that it must have changed the angle of his penetration as well as the depth because I could feel his balls resting up against the cheeks of my ass and the tip of his cock pushing at the mouth of my cervix. It was then that he finally came.

He had been right about me knowing when he came because even though I had been fucked to the point that my pussy was almost numb I knew he was cumming. This was by far not to compare with a few guys ejaculating into me during a gangbang party. I could feel his cum being shot hot into my pussy. It felt like he was shooting it right up inside my cervix. I could feel his warm cum as it spread inside an area where I never felt anything before. It was the most incredible feeling I had ever felt. On top of that I said he came so much that it was like my pussy could not hold it all and it started overflowing from my pussy. It was at that point that he started moving again. He fucked me hard again, while I felt with my fingers, how his juice dripped out of my hole and I had one final orgasm so intense that the room started to spin and everything went black. The next thing I remembered was Steve propping me up with a couple of pillows as he handed me a glass of orange juice with vodka in it. In one gulp I swallowed the entire contents of the small glass. The sharp bite of the drink jolted me somewhat back to my senses.

"Wow, that was something" I told him. "I have never felt anything as intense as what you did to me."

You have not felt all yet, he told me as he moved from the edge of the bed where he had been sitting and went to the end of the bed. Once there he grabbed me by the ankles and used his powerful arms and hands to pull me toward him, turning me over at the same time. With me lying on me stomach he puIled my legs apart and moved in between them. Then he reached down and by grasping my hips pulled me to me knees. Being in that position, with my ass in the air I thought he was going to penetrate my ass-hole. Panic immediately set in as I said, "NO STEVE, NO! NOT INTO MY ASS! NOT THERE-PLEASE".

"I am not going to fuck you in your ass" he told me. "I am going to do you doggie style. If you want to feel something even more intense than the last hour, I make you feel what intense is".

I knew he would be right. Even my husband felt bigger when he used that position. A sense of panic quickly came over me fearing that it would hurt. My worries about pain quickly passed, but it was very, very tight as he inched his way in despite the fact that his cock felt not as hard as before when he entered first from behind. Deeper and deeper he continued to enter me and hearing no objections he continued even deeper. I couldn't believe what I was feeling, it felt like someone was mounting me on a flagpole and I half expected to feel his cock coming up through my throat. Then I felt his balls making slight contact with my clit. He had bottomed out in me. This huge cock had filled me to the max. And by now, he was hard and thick again like before.

I kept telling myself mentally deep breaths....deep breaths....relax ... relax...

The feeling of tightness slowly dissipated as my pussy became more and more accustomed to his size.

That is it ... That is it ...Relax...Breathe, I kept on repeating in my mind.

He felt my pussy muscles starting to relax as he withdrew his cock out, almost to the head.

Fearing what was about to happen next I braced myself. Then without warning he shoved his massive cock back in. The thrust was brutally firm as he re-entered me. I squealed in delight, it felt incredible as he once again pulled out and gave me another deep thrust. My toes curled as he picked up the pace.

"OH...MY...GOD!!!" I screamed.

His big cock stretched my pussy out with each deep pleasurable stroke. He continued this for several minutes at a furious pace and I found myself making more noise than I had ever made in my life, but I couldn't help myself, he was driving me mad with lust.

Just as I was nearing orgasm he pulled out and flipped me over, re-entering me from the missionary position. As he stroked deep into me I once again, approached orgasm. He could read it on my face. I was also wearing a huge grin as I repeatedly threw my head back in pleasure.

"You've really never had a cock this big before, have you?" he asked as we looked deep into our eyes.

"Oh Fuck!" I wailed as he thrust into me again, "No Steve....UH..Uh..Never!"

"You like it, don't you?"

"Oh God! Yesss!" I squealed in response, "I love it. This is the best damn fuck I've ever had in my life!"

"Tell me how much you love it, Helga." he said as an evil smile crossed his face.


"You like big cocks, don't you Helga?" He smiled.


While I had thought we stop, he continued to fuck me hard and at a furious pace. I had orgasms after orgasms. My pussy was in a constant state of orgasm as it spasms uncontrollably. When he finally allowed his second orgasm to occur I was totally exhausted. Incredibly strange, I had now the desire to feel Steve’s monster in my ass. Steve smiled and said “I will come back, when you are back in town and I will then do it into both your holes. And if you are nice, I will bring a friend with me with the same size of a cock like mine. We should then try to penetrate both your holes at the same time”.


Since he said this I have fear and desire in my mind at the same time. However, since it was not certain that we do it again, I insisted that I at least feel his head inside my ass. Amazingly, he became hard again after a few minutes, applied some more lubricant to my butt hole and to his cock-head. We then laid on the bed side by side and his body between my legs. When he started kissing me, I relaxed and he must have felt just that, because he commanded me to take his cock and put his head to my back-hole opening. Steve told me to say "yes", when I feel like now is the moment to push through my butt-opening. I moved his cock head over my pussy lips, then to my ass and I did that over and over again. Then finally, I left it at my ass and when I said "yes", he did not push hard, but very, very consistent. It was up to the lubricant, that at one point his head just slipped into my asshole. It hurt and Steve must have recognized it from the looks of my eyes. He rested with his head inside me and his blood go through his cock, making it harder and harder and slightly thicker as well. I loved it by now, but I hurt as well. Steve must have felt it and gently pulled his head out of my ass.Then we kissed again

We showered and he left me alone. I applied softly some moisturizing crème to my clit and my back-entrance. I fell to bed and slept incredibly well, while dreaming of Steve and his friend....


Avatar noway632000
2018-01-12 19:51:15

Great story

Avatar asslover
2018-01-13 12:53:35

NICE......Can't wait to hear about Steve and his friend stretching your Holes

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