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Story About Vanessa

Avatar Username: lovelyasianwife
Date: 12-Feb-2018 08:20:30
Mood: horny

Ambitious Asian Executive


Chapter 1


It was a big day for the career of Vanessa. As a young Chinese executive working for a German technology firm, she had come a long way since she was accepted for their scholarship programme 8 years ago as a 20 year old undergraduate. Since graduating, she had spent 5 years as a rising star in the company working her way through the ranks to a assistant vice president role in sales and distribution. Brilliant and also beautiful, she had travelled the globe racking up numbers and closing contracts under the tutelage of her direct boss, the CMO in charge of marketing and sales, Lars. At years end, it was time for her evaluation and in her own mind it was time for her to move up to the role of VP which came with more money, responsibility and ownership over a larger team and all that was very much desired and sought after by the young ambitious lady. She kissed her husband goodbye, who wished her the best of luck for her impending promotion. Married for over a year, they were very much in love and dedicated to each other. Dressed in her usual white blouse, tight black knee length skirt and black heels, Vanessa felt confident and carried her head high as she parked her car in her soon to be allocated parking bay and walked past the security guard who enthusiastically wished the 5 foot 7 Asian beauty a good morning. She smiled at him and as he did every morning he watched her walk by admiring her long black hair, her flawless fair skin, gorgeous face and figure which was accentuated by a superbly tight, firm, round ass. He couldn't help each day but stare at her long, shapely legs and what must have been C cup breasts behind her blouse. It had not been easy for such a girl to succeed in a male dominated European company and yet she had to this day resisted all advances by colleagues in favour of being the consummate professional.


Settling into her desk quickly she prepared herself for the call from her boss's office to come in and in her mind, get over the inevitability of getting her just due for her sterling performances throughout her tenure at SRVP Technologies. When the call came she entered his room and sat down with Lars greeting her in his usual warm manner, shooting the breeze a little which annoyed her a little as she was keen to get on with her evaluation. A tall man of just over 6 foot 2, he was in his mid forties, professorial in appearance with a slightly receding hairline and glasses framing a clean shaven, friendly face. A keen runner, he was fit and always had an aura of calm around him with a good sense of humour which endeared him to his staff and clients. He had been her mentor for the years she had been with the company and to her, he was sort of a older brother figure to her. 


Lars: "So Vanessa, needless to say you have been a big part of this company and my department in the years you have been here and I think you know we value your contributions very highly. As you are aware the position of VP is yet to be filled and you are obviously one of the candidates we have earmarked for the role."


She frowned as he said this. Earmarked? She was under the impression that the role was to be hers and that there was no competition for it!


Lars: "Your numbers have been impressive but to be honest you are neck and neck with Andrea who has also been performing at a very high level. We have yet to decide who actually has the edge, since your evaluations are strikingly similar. There can only be one person to fill the role and we are still deliberating on this"


Andrea? That old cow? Vanessa thought. She hated that bitch as she was always extremely haughty and competitive with her. A good ten years older than herself, she too had been an alumni of SRVP's graduate programme and was as aggressive as herself in achieving her objectives within the company.


Lars: "If I may speak frankly, Andrea has a little bit of an edge in terms  of how management views her as being more experienced and she has a higher likelihood of gaining the respect of the team either of you will be managing just from that perspective alone. But I am willing to hear you out and listen to your reasons as to why you should be the one taking on this enormous responsibility".


Barely able to hide her frustration and irritation, Vanessa began quoting her achievements, her sales numbers, her relationships with her clients as well as having a higher potential for overall growth and learning. In her mind, she was thinking how could that frumpy old maid have an edge of her? She could never live it down if she were to end up reporting to her as she knew Andrea would make her life a living hell as they definitely did not get along in any way.


Lars: I recognise that you have a great potential to grow her in this company. But the fact remains, you are still young and you will get your opportunity. Don't take this negatively. You know I have always looked out for your best interests.


Vanessa: "Listen Lars, I am really committed to this company and I feel I can deliver more returns than Andrea. How about you give me a chance to prove myself with a big project and I will close the deal for you. I know there is the American investor project on-going and no one can seal that contract. If you delay the decision, I will make it happen and you give me the role of VP. How about that?"


Lars sighed. "You really want this bad don't you? I can think about it but delaying the decision on VP is not an easy thing to do right now"


Vanessa: "Come on. Isn't there anything I can do right now to make that decision easier for you?"


In her mind she had worked too long and hard to let this opportunity slip by. She knew that if she was to advance in her career, she might have to play the game after all. For too long she had resisted advances, she knew even her boss had on occasion let slip how attractive he thought she was but his own code to date had prevented him from making any moves on her. However she was not ever going to work for that fool Andrea and all of a sudden she felt she would do anything to get what she felt was owed to her. 


Lars: "What do you think you can do right now Vanessa?"


Vanessa: "Well, I may be younger than her but isn't that something you think you can work with better yourself?"


With that she stood up from her chair all the while staring at him, gauging his responses from her slow, deliberate movements. She moved towards him, walking around his desk, fiddling with her top button of her blouse. He kept silent, just watching her as she approached him. She looked so sensual as she pushed his chair with him still seated on it away from the desk.


Vanessa: "I mean would you want your VP to be as boring and unattractive as Andrea?"


He was speechless as she got on his lap, her thighs straddling his legs as he felt her firm ass seat itself on him, her arms around his neck, her beautiful face inches away from his. He felt himself get hard as he breathed in her sweet perfume, the scent of her hair beginning to intoxicate him.


Vanessa: "Would you want her doing this to you?"


With that she began kissing him on his face, his neck before her soft lips met his, kissing him softly at first before he himself embraced her, drawing her tight towards him, kissing her passionately, feeling her tongue meeting his. She tasted so good, the feeling of her smooth skin driving him insane. He had always imagined this moment, yet kept his desires to himself. Never would he have expected her to make the first move, even though she was driven by nothing more than pure ambition and perhaps ego. He felt a rush like he had never experienced before as she nibbled on his ear, her tongue flicking at it creating amazing sensations in him.


Her thoughts at this point were all about making him putty in her hands as she grabbed his hands and have him place them on her bare thighs, moving them up her knees, up her skirt, making him feel those amazing legs of hers. She could feel him getting harder and harder and when his hands were about to reach her panties, she withdrew them from under her skirt, placing them around her back as he continued to kiss and explore her mouth passionately. She could tell he must have been thinking about doing this for years as his urgency was undeniable. He reached for her blouse buttons, quickly undoing them to expose her white lacy bra to him. He smiled widely as he gazed upon her ample cleavage, his mouth immediately on her chest, tonguing between her breasts, his hands groping them through her bra. Allowing him to enjoy himself briefly before grabbing his wrists, Vanessa stood up and gazed down at his bewildered, clearly frustrated face with a wry smile on her face. She adjusted her skirt and did up her buttons while he stared at her, obviously unsure what do do next.


Vanessa: "Can you see what I am willing to do to get this job Lars? Will you be thinking what kind of VP you might like to have under you? I guess I'm willing to close that tough contract and still have some fun in the meantime. It's really up to you boss". 


He sighed deeply, his mind still fixated on what had just happened.


Lars: " I guess I can swing it to the board that we should hold a proving period for both yourself and Andrea before we make such a big decision. You are a hard girl to say no to my dear. I will get back to you today on a new proposal and KPI's for your possible promotion. You are really convincing my goodness!"


Vanessa smiled and said flirtatiously, "I won't let you down and I will be waiting for the task you have for me. Sir."



Chapter 2


Overcoming the disappointment of not being promoted on the spot was not easy for Vanessa. However the satisfaction in passing Andrea in the hall and knowing she had prevented that bitch from automatically being made VP made her quite happy. A few hours later she got an email from Lars. She was to travel with him to Los Angeles to have a meeting with a few investors who were keen on hearing SRVP's revised proposal. She would take the next few days to put her spin on it and revise what she felt had prevented the contract being signed prior to her getting involved. Her husband as usual was supportive even though she would be gone for a week. Where her career was concerned he was always in her corner and to her that meant the world even though she did not necessarily feel guilty about seducing Lars. Anyway she felt in complete control over that situation. After all, her boss was just another male and she knew that she could handle him.


On her flight date, she met him at the airport and they proceeded to check in to first class. To her surprise he always had since that day in his office, maintained his distance and not treated her any differently even after she had made advances on him. He focused on the work and reviewed what she had put together with typical insight and constructive feedback. On the flight he gave her a rundown on what was to be expected of her. She would take the lead during the presentation and he would be there in a supporting capacity. They landed in LA on a Monday morning to extremely pleasant weather. Upon checking in, they proceeded to their own rooms to get ready for their lunch meeting in the hotel business lounge. It was then Vanessa was introduced to the four American prospective clients, two of which were high C level personnel in their late thirties and two executives in their mid twenties. Good looking individuals who Vanessa was introduced as SRVP's young rising star and soon to be VP which stoked her confidence and lead her to delivering what she felt to be a comprehensive proposal. Throughout her presentation she was struck by how intently focused and attentive they were to whatever she said. At the end of it Lars gave her an approving nod and they stated how keen they were to review the contract after lunch. 


The CEO, Daniel then suggested they have drinks at the pool area to review the contract over cocktails. Lars readily agreed immediately, stating that it was good they had the formalities done with and could retire to more 'casual' surroundings. 


Lars: "Fantastic idea, Daniel! Why don't we take a short break and get changed and meet at the pool bar area?"


As they all prepared to return to their respective rooms, Vanessa expressed her concern to Lars revealing that she had not brought the appropriate attire for such a setting, to which Lars smiled, told her not to worry, as he would arrange for something to be sent to her room on the company's expense. Sure enough, twenty minutes later, a package arrived at her door and upon opening it, she was taken aback by what had been seemingly pre-selected for her. She gasped as she held up a two-piece American flag bikini. She sat down for five minutes contemplating what to do before deciding that she had already come this far and if she had to dress the part, she simply would just have to. Staring at herself in the mirror she had to admit that she looked simply stunning. The star spangled bikini top superbly pushed up her breasts and the colours of the flag perfectly contemplated her milky skin tone. She blushed as she had never before felt so self conscious and part of her was upset at Lars for this. Yet she knew that she had to get this over and done with. Donning a white robe to cover herself up, she proceeded to make her way to the pool area.


The five men including Lars were already awaiting her, sitting around a covered octagon table. They were all seated in just their board shorts and rose to greet her as she approached them. Daniel and the CFO, Eric made room for her to sit between them with the contracts laid out on the table with ice-cold jugs and glasses of cocktails readied. Smiling widely Daniel encouraged Vanessa to 'get more comfortable' which she immediately understood as taking off her robe. Determined to display nothing but confidence, she obliged, removing her robe to reveal her breathtaking body to the five men. She noted their approving expressions and received Daniel's compliments on her figure with a smile and a nod. Throughout she could not help but notice Lar's satisfied expression which further confirmed that he had these scenario well in mind throughout the past week. She did her best to ignore the lustful expressions on their face as they all exchanged pleasantries before she was requested to explain the terms of the contract. As she did so, Daniel and Eric on either side of her were clearly staring at her cleavage which made her wonder if these 'negotiations' were in fact going anywhere at all. It must have made for an odd sight as other hotel guests were wondering why was a sexy young Asian girl being surrounded by five white men while she was doing all the talking. Throughout it all, she was constantly having her glass filled with strong cocktails which after a while caused her to easily lose her train of thought although that seemed to have no bearing on how pleased her clients and boss continued to be. 


Daniel: " You know Lars, I am surprised its taken so long for us to sort this project out. You should have just put this lovely lady on the job right from the get go cause I'm liking what I am hearing and seeing so far today. Whatever she presents just makes perfect sense you know? What do you think Eric? We almost there?"


Eric: "Yeah Dan, Same here, although I do think we need to um review the fine print a little more closely before committing?"


As he said that Vanessa felt Eric's hand fiddling with the strings on her bikini top while stroking her back lightly. She shuddered a little despite the heat but forced herself to let loose an awkward laugh and nod while staring at Lars for some kind of reaction to which she received non.


Daniel: "You are absolutely right. And here there's me leaving my glasses upstairs in my room. I trust you two won't mind if we go it a couple more times later in private? After all we are here for the week so we do have all the time in the world."


Vanessa's mind raced as she felt Daniel's hand on her thigh, her thoughts running towards what she had gotten herself into. She had to find a way to get control of the situation but to this point she knew she herself had played a part in her being here with them.


Lars: "No problem gentlemen. It's not all about business anyways. Shall we have a few more drinks and just enjoy ourselves in the meantime? I've got nowhere else to go and I am certain neither does Vanessa here."


They all laughed and continued drinking with the executives Tim and Brad proceeding to head for a swim, before Lars excused himself to go for a massage, citing a sore neck from the flight. The lovely Vanessa was left with Dan and Eric who continued to plug her with cocktails and requesting the pool staff to take pictures of the three of them together, with the men's arms around her waist and shoulders to 'commemorate the momentous occasion between the two companies'. They then insisted on her joining them for a swim which led the bikini clad Asian girl to be surrounded in the pool by four men each requesting her to race with them or be carried in their arms or on their backs, taking every opportunity to feel her up. After an hour of feeling less like a business associate and more like an escort, she exited the pool and donned her robe only to be cut off by Dan and Eric who asked her what she was up to for dinner. Brushing aside the enquiry, she having regained some sobriety, returned the focus to the contract.


Daniel: "Ah yes back to business. As we said, we will review it in our rooms. If everything checks out, we will be signing it immediately. It would be better if one or both of you were there though so we could both put our signatures on it at once and not have anymore delays?"


Vanessa: "You mean like right now? I think I should wait for Lars though and maybe once I have a chance to change, maybe we could meet back down here and I will have everything ready for you guys."


Eric: "No time like the present right? Anyway..we hear you are a very ambitious young lady. This contract means a lot to you it seems? Well you might be catching us just in the right mood to sign at this moment. Who knows? Tomorrow may be too late for us. We've waited this long haven't we?"


Vanessa knew she was caught in a dilemma. Refuse and she might never be given a chance to get this done, get promoted and attain a big signing bonus on top of that. She also knew of course that Lars had deliberately left her to face the consequences of her ambition. She was in it too deep at this point. She looked at the two men and nodded.


They grinned and Eric immediately observed how robe was not at all suitable for her right now, whatever the hell that meant. He helped her out of it, leaving her once more in just her bikini as they escorted her past the pool, through to the elevator with many envious glances caught from other men in between. They guided her to Daniel's room which was much bigger than her own on a higher up floor. As they opened the door, she realised that Tim and Brad exiting the other lift behind them and were following them into the CEO's room. She had never been anywhere close to a situation like this before and didn't know quite how to handle it. There was a big living room leading into the master bedroom and the two younger men immediately headed to the bar where they took out five beers for everyone before seating themselves down and laying out the contract on the coffee table. Daniel and Eric positioned Vanessa in the middle of the room facing the table and couch and proceeded to both take turns kissing her lips and touching her body while the two others sat and watched. With her standing awkwardly in the middle of the room, the two joined their younger friends and sat down on the couch.


Daniel: "Now Vanessa, we will see just how bad you want this contract to be signed. Isn't that sexy bikini still dripping wet? Isn't it time you take it off?"


She stared at them disbelievingly for a few moments before realising that she had to accept her fate. She reached behind her back and untied the strings to her bikini top and slowly pulled it over her shoulders, revealing her fine, young, rounded breasts with her nipples standing at attention due to the air conditioning in the room to the men before her. She then handed the top over to Eric who had his arm outstretched. At his instruction she then pulled her bikini bottom down her legs to expose her shaved pussy to them. This time Daniel took ownership of her bikini bottom. She was now fully naked in front of four men who had themselves stripped naked and were all sitting cocks in hand watching her. Tim and Brad had their camera phones in hand and Vanessa was about to protest about that before she surprisingly found herself silenced by Daniel putting his finger to his lips and by Eric who started to spew instructions at her to show her body off in various poses.


She placed her hands on her breasts and pushed them upwards and outwards in their direction before raising her hands above and behind her head before turning around and thrusting her ass out at them. She then spread her legs and at their command, used her hands to spread her butt cheeks apart to reveal her asshole and pussy to them. Lying down on her back on the floor, she brought her knees up to her chest giving the men a nice clear view of her pink Asian pussy. 


Eric: "Crawl on your knees towards us girl".


Vanessa powerless to resist, crawled on all fours towards the men in charge as Daniel spread his legs to allow her head to get in between his thighs, handing her his hard cock. Her mouth opened to receive it as his hand placed itself firmly on her head. Eric who was beside him reached for her breasts which were hanging downwards to grope, fondle and squeeze her erect nipples. Her sexy muffled sounds filled the room as she was forced to take 9 inches of cock in her mouth. Her bobbing head and lips around his cock were filmed by Brad as Tim positioned his camera behind her to focus on her ass. She jumped a little in shock as she felt his mouth suddenly meeting her asshole and pussy lips, licking and sucking them from behind. It felt warm and good. Her attention was made to switch to Eric as her face was guided to his crotch and balls as she was made to lick them all over, causing him to groan with delight. She had never before received attention from more than one man and as much as she knew she should not enjoy it given the forced circumstances, was beginning to enjoy the feeling of her breasts being groped and sucked while her back was being kissed and her pussy and asshole were being licked. Placed on her knees, with her back upright, she was then surrounded by four cocks from each direction, two in her hand and one in her mouth with another placed at her cheek while two phones recorded her every move. Daniel then lay down on the floor with the other three helping Vanessa to her feet before positioning her pussy over his cock. She moaned loudly as she was made to sit down on it and ride it before those moans were suppressed by Eric's cock once more entering her mouth with her two hands jerking off Brad and Tim. Her head was being forced to jerk back and forth violently by Eric as he held and fucked her mouth as hard as she ever had experienced that before. 


Eric then decided it was his turn to violate the beautiful Asian as he grabbed her under her arms and around her breasts, carrying her off Daniel and towards the bedroom where he threw her naked body onto the bed. He positioned her on her knees and entered her behind, riding her hard, slamming into her ass, enjoying the way her firm butt jiggled as his hips repeatedly crashed into it over and over again. Daniel lay down in front of her and had her suck him off yet again, her cries becoming louder and louder as Eric came closer to ejaculating. Vanessa screamed out loud as she felt him spewing cum all over her ass and back, thankful that he had not decided to cum right inside her. Eric laughed and rolled off the bed to allow the others to have their go at her. Daniel then flipped her over onto her back and got on top of her to fuck her missionary style. She winced as he kissed her lips aggressively, enjoying the sweet taste of her mouth as he wrapped his arms under her knees and fucked her for all she was worth. Daniel proved to be less considerate as he came right inside her with her protests stifled by a strong hand over her mouth. She rolled over and attempted to escape the bed right after only to be suddenly met by Tim and Brad who were eager for their go at her. She struggled mightily in vain as she realised what they were intending to do, with Tim sitting on top of her and stretching her arms over her head for Brad to use their ties to secure her arms to the bed posts. Daniel and Eric got in on the act with her legs pulled apart to be fastened to the foot of the bed, leaving Vanessa spread eagled and completely helpless. The two younger men would last even longer than their bosses as Tim focused his attention on giving her the longest pussy licking she had ever had before, causing the sexy girl to orgasm twice in a row, with Brad sucking and licking her beautiful pink nipples and man handling her breasts. They both then took turns to fuck her bound body withdrawing to cum all over her face, forcing it in her mouth and all over her breasts. She looked quite the sight as Daniel and Eric both had their second rounds, in turn adding their cum all over her torso and face. They all stood over her with satisfied expressions on their faces. Eric then forced her mouth open and stuffed her American flag bikini bottom in, preventing her from spitting out any cum at all. She stared at them pleadingly wondering when she would be untied or if at all.


Daniel: "Oh I bet you are wondering about the contract aren't you baby? Well don't worry. You have been such a good girl, you have definitely earned your promotion and this contract. So here you go!"


With that Eric and himself both signed the contract copies before placing them on either side of her naked body. The four then decided to take some souvenirs of their 'project', snapping loads of pictures of her much to her dismay.


They then left with her moaning and groaning through her gag, desperate to be untied. Her humiliation was complete when her boss entered the room after a good hour and stared down at her in a way that gave her chills. She had paid the price for thinking she could seduce and have control over him.


He stroked her hair and smiled evilly at her before saying "Good job Vanessa. Welcome on board the management team".

 For visual of Vanessa in her American Flag Bikini click here: http://www.domywife.com/my-profile/photos-display/pos_-1684946/uid_1009485/I_pledge_my_allegiance-LingerieAsian.html

Chapter 3


Having been untied by Lars, Vanessa then struggled groggily to her feet in an utter daze at what had just happened to her. The contract signing was the last thing on her mind as she slowly donned a robe to cover herself up and made her way back to her room. A hot shower ensued with her standing still for almost an hour, scrubbing her used body thoroughly. She now shuddered at the thought of what was in store for her for the next few days in this city with this lecherous group of men. When she finally got out the bathroom, she noticed a few messages on her phone, some from her husband, which she quickly replied stating that everything was fine and she was doing well. The others were from Lars and Daniel. Opening Lars attachments, she found her letter of promotion to VP, therefore making it official along with her big raise in salary. That provided her with a momentary sense of relief that his word had been honored before opening Daniel’s messages which caused her heart to sink immediately. All the images and videos of her forced ordeal with the four men were served to her as reminders of how they now completely owned her. She sat down on her bed and winced at the sight of her naked body being ravaged by them, for the first time she heard herself moaning and semi-protesting at her forced ordeal. It was an out of body experience to see herself with cocks in her mouth, her legs spread open, full frontal nude shots of her most private parts and their dicks slamming into her pussy. She was smart enough to know that she was now a piece of property to them and it was near impossible to escape their future intentions for her.


There was one option for her though. She had to appeal to Lar’s better side and ensure that this was the end of this professional blackmail. She had done her part in terms of securing the contract, if not she had to play her own cards and sing a tale that she had been wrong done by the company. Dressing as modestly as possible, she made her way to his room and knocked loudly. He answered the door with a grin on his face that made her even angrier. Confronting him with venom she insisted that she had been through enough and that he had to help her end this situation she was in right then and there. He listened as she threatened to spin a tale of him forcing her into this without any emotion displayed on his part.


Lars: Are you done Vanessa? Ok now you pay attention. As I recall it was you who made advances on me and suggested how you were going to earn your way upward. Now before you argue further with me, I suggest you watch this.


He opened his laptop and tapped into security feeds into his own office. True enough it revealed the ambitious Asian beauty propositioning him initially. To her horror she realized that she had absolutely no leverage at all. It was a fact that this had initially been her own idea and the events that lead from there were consequences of her decisions. She was dumbstruck and now at a loss.


Lars: Now my dear. You have done very well so far to get to this point. Why risk anything else going wrong? I suggest you head back to you room and get ready for this evening. Daniel and Eric have plans for you, which you may or may not enjoy. The truth is, I don’t give a damn if you do or not. You wear what they tell you to and you do what they want you to. Just get through the next few days and you’ll go back home to somewhat a semblance of normality you were used to. Now go ahead before I decide to have you do something more for me.


Vanessa with her head in her hands left him to return to her own room where she found a lovely gold evening dress awaiting her with matching high heels as well. A bottle of champagne and roses on a table were complimented with a card that read “For a job well done and for future success. Meet us in the lobby at 8. Daniel”.  


Left without choice, she put on the low-plunging neckline dress, with its hem barely covering her ass and the high heels really accentuating her shapely calf muscles. She did her make-up before making her way to the lobby where Daniel, Eric and Lars were already waiting for her, all dressed smartly in suits. A black, tinted Bentley SUV awaited them with Lars sitting in front and the beautiful girl seated in the backseat in between the other two men, their hands on both her exposed knees. They dined at one of the finest five star restaurants in town, with the men chatting pleasantly and Vanessa politely smiling and nodding along to their conversation. When dinner was over, they then took a short drive to a very exclusive and well-known gentlemen’s club where the elite frequented to have drinks, enjoy karaoke and the company of some of the best and most beautiful escorts in the world. The club’s management and three other friends of theirs, one of which was a famous Hollywood actor, warmly received Daniel and Eric, guiding them to their reserved room. As they were entering the club, the bouncer, an enormous eastern European man stopped Vanessa and ordered her to follow him immediately. Nervously she gazed at her companions who nodded at her to accompany the bouncer. She was then guided through a maze of corridors, past noisy rooms filled with song and the laughter of intoxicated men until they reached a locker room of sorts full of young beautiful women from various different ethnicities all preparing themselves for an evening’s work. A middle aged white woman who obviously was not shy about applying copious amounts of makeup approached Vanessa before sharply instructing her to take off her dress. Shocked, Vanessa froze before the bouncer’s booming command to comply shook her to her senses. Gingerly she unzipped her dress and undid the straps, leaving her in her simple strapless bra and cotton panties. The woman shook her head disapprovingly before making rough measurements to Vanessa’s vital statistics. She disappeared behind a rack of skimpy attire before emerging with what she wanted the young Asian to put on.


Back in the room, which was packed with every entertainment a man could desire, the three men were settling down with champagne, whisky and three young girls in the form of a tall blonde Russian, a voluptuous Colombian brunette and a red haired French delight, all trained in the arts of accompanying such men on a fun night out. The room was equipped with two stages with dancing poles, karaoke and a pool table. Their applause was immediate as the woman manager entered the room leading in their new Vice President of Sales who entered in six inch black heels and dressed only in a tiny little black leather bikini thong set which only had triangles barely covering her nipples and pussy. Vanessa had never looked so slutty in her entire life. Even totally naked she could not have looked as sexy as she did now. She was truly breathtaking. Even the other three girls clapped in approval as Vanessa was presented to her superiors. Daniel then proposed a toast to the new VP of sales. Everybody in the room was given a shot of strong liquor and the girls were made to down it with its heady effects immediately felt by them. The other girls then stood beside Vanessa waiting for instructions from the men.


Eric: You know Vanessa, we have great faith in you and we know you are going to do very well in your new role which requires a lot of on the job training. You got to be better at entertaining, at persuasion, at getting results from your audience. So I think these three ladies here are going to give you a show of how you are going to up your skills at entertaining and closing deals. So you are going to get a on-site lesson right now in that area!


Daniel: That’s right baby. But I think we have to make sure that Vanessa’s attention is focused right now. If there is one thing that Asian girls are good at or good in, its bondage. Girls if you can please position our VP where we discussed? She needs a good vantage point to observe!


The other three girls led a completely bewildered Vanessa to one of the dancing poles in the room. Leather cuffs were produced, fastened to Vanessa’s wrists and stretched out over her head to be secured to a high point of the pole. She was now sexily chained to the pole as the other three girls made their way to the center room in between the seated men and the Asian girl in bondage. The music hit as they began sexily gyrating, displaying amazing striptease moves as they removed their own skimpy bikinis, moving closer to the men and positioning themselves on their laps. Vanessa watched speechless as the girls unzipped the men’s trousers and proceeded to give them vigorous hand jobs and blowjobs. She watched as they all received their pleasures, their eyes all the while fixated on the chained girl rather than the three beauties with their cocks in their mouths. They were enjoying putting her through this experience more than anything. The three girls then arose and approached Vanessa who winced as they surrounded her, their hands touching her body, their mouths kissing her face, neck, shoulders and stomach. One knelt down and began to run her hands over Vanessa’s bare legs, up to her buttocks, massaging them strongly as another kneaded her shoulders and back from behind. The Russian in front of her forced her mouth on to her own, kissing her passionately much to the delight of the three men. Her hands moved aside the skimpy leather material covering Vanessa’s nipples, her mouth encapsulating her pink nipples sucking and licking them. Vanessa’ groaned as she felt the Colombian at her waist, fiddling with her little thong, her hand over her crotch, fingers entering her pussy, teasing her so amazingly well. She was feeling good as the three girls skillfully worked her over. Powerless to resist, her body began to writhe as she reacted to the stimulation on her pussy, breasts and back. It felt unbelievable. She never had a female experience before but these three were so skilled at it. Lost in ecstasy, she hadn’t realized that the three men were now standing around them, once more photographing and taking videos of the scene with her as the central figure.


Lars with a giant bottle of champagne in his hand, began emptying the contents all over Vanessa’s body, the cold liquid making her nipples harden and goose bumps appear on her perfect skin. The other girls laughed out loud as they licked and sucked the champagne off her, focusing on her breasts as she herself sighed out loud, actually enjoying their attentions on her. The other two men held back her head and poured drink down her throat endlessly causing her to choke and gag at what she could not swallow. Eric with champagne held in his mouth embraced her and forcefully kissed her, making her drink from his own mouth. At long last they released Vanessa from her chained position, with the other girls bringing her over to the couch area, their hands still all over the body of the overwhelmed girl. She was forced to drink shots throughout the night as she sat beside Daniel with his arm over her, fondling her body non-stop. She was made to watch as the other girls willingly sat on the men’s laps and rode their cocks, as she was made to drink more and more till she felt herself losing consciousness. It was too much for her as the last thing she remembered was the sound of their laughter as she collapsed in Daniel’s arms as the Russian was riding him.


She had no idea how long she was out, as when she awoke she found herself completely naked on a bed in what seemed to be either Daniel or Eric’s hotel room. Her head throbbing, her mouth dry, she tried to speak out and ask where she was but found herself to be silenced by what felt obviously like a ball gag lodged in her mouth, fastened around her head. She tried to reach for it but her wrists had been tied tightly behind her back and her ankles were equally restrained, tied to each other by nylon ropes. She groaned loudly as her eyesight cleared, desperately trying to move around to gauge her surroundings. Her body felt dirty and sticky due to the residue of the alcohol poured on her the night before. She could still taste the staleness of the champagne and shots in her gagged mouth as well as the smelling the lingering smell of it on her body and hair. She managed to turn over to the other side to the bathroom where the unwelcome sight of a naked, smiling Eric standing over her greeted her. Her eyes grew wide with fear and panic as muffled incoherent pleas began to emerge from behind her ball gag. He sat beside her on the bed, evil grin on his face as he stroked her face and hair, bending over to kiss her face. He groped her ass as she winced, her alarm growing as he produced what appeared to be her own mobile phone in his other hand.


Eric: Good Morning my little sex toy of a VP. It turns out your husband has been trying to call you non-stop since last night. Now what shall we tell him his lovely hard working wife has been up to?


Vanessa’s muffled pleas filled the room as her desperation to find a way out of this and address her husband immediately grew with each passing second and each evil leer that Eric gave her. Her eyes widened as he reached for her thumb and used her print to unlock her phone. He removed her ball gag mercifully allowing her to unhinge her jaw muscles, which had been aching terribly.


Eric: I think you should call your hubby back baby. He must be worried sick about his sweet wife!


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