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Our road

Avatar Username: mtlcpl771
Date: 03-Feb-2024 18:41:13
Mood: in love

Hi Everyone, 

It’s been a long road getting my wife to where she is. She comes from an extremely conservative family where even long skirts were a rare thing and the idea of wearing something tight was almost forbidden. To this day she’ll be open and playful one day then it’s like she crosses an invisible line and a switch goes off and her conservative upbringing takes over.

Getting her to open up verbally took a while. It started as we were dating and renting some hourly motel on Saturday nights. The room TVs always have some form of porn or another. At first she figured it was a guy thing but she’d watch and ask why I liked it. Her reaction sometimes, for me as a guy, at first as she would watch it like a movie, wanting to hear the actual story. (Porn has a story?) I explained that aside from the obvious lust part, what I enjoyed the most was imagining whatever girl was in a scene I’d replace it in my mind with her.

With that she eventually played along and slowly started to get into the fantasy of it on her own. Starting with simple things like “Is that something you’d like me to do with you?” and eventually building up with 3-some scenes or other scenes where I would tell her that was hot and can you picture yourself in the middle and so on.

When she started getting more into that fantasy role play I eventually bought her her first small vibrator and built up from there. I always made sure every birthday and Christmas included at least 1 item from a sex shop.

The major jump in her was finding other open minded women she could chat with. That took it up quite a bit as she saw that some of her inner thoughts (or demons depending on perspective) were not bad and could be explored.

The first time we bought a digital camera for an upcoming vacation I just whipped it out one day as she was changing and said say cheese and she played along. (That’s the first series that I posted) and she really got into it. I almost had heart failure trying to keep her going and resisting jumping her. I eventually failed and dropped the camera and jumped her but getting the shots I did was amazing. We tried to make some video, but they came out nice and were thrown away. (Yes I regret not saving them and trying again)

We kept up with the porn every so often (It was important to not keep throwing that at her as she would shut down more often. It’s more important to keep it at a simmer then keep it pumped up I found) and I introduced her to some erotica sites. She really got into those and it opened up her imagination to so many more possibilities which she would recount during sex always asking what I thought or if I’d like her to do xyz.

From there I started showing her the amateur sites where people posted pics. At first it was to spice things up and get her to see how many people enjoyed it. It took a while for her to first say it was ok to share some pics providing her face was hidden and didn’t share any personal details.

It took a while before she’d start asking about the comments, she’s even chatted with a few people on occasion and was totally surprised about the idea of tributes.

Getting her to move forward from fantasy to reality has been a steep hill and we haven’t been able to break through.

She’s isn’t embarrassed anymore about going to a sex shop, but these are regular shops, we don’t have any glory holes places near us. And she can play along with open minded friends and small teasing/flirting along the way. I’ve convinced her a few times when shopping at a mall to leave the curtain of the changing room slightly open “by mistake”. She’s played along a few times with her top opened or skirt hiked up on a drive as we passed some trucks. Simple things at first.

I’ve tried to get her to a nude beach, but there’s always something that comes up before we do and I have to restart from the beginning. Many cold feet related changes of heart.

We’ve gone to a dogging spot and had some good car sex, but sadly it was an off night and we were alone. (In her mid it was, been there, done that) We’ve been to a swinger club, but it was all younger couples more interested in getting drunk than playing so for her it kinda set a tone she didn’t enjoy. We’ve even gone to some fetish clubs. She enjoyed getting dressed up and enjoyed herself at first but got turned off by some of the more extreme Dom/Sub couples.

She still thinks that maybe one day… But for her it would have to be a spontaneous thing, as planning gives her too much time for her mind to back out. For her the easiest intro would be to meet another couple while on vacation and just go with the flow. We've come close, as she can get very flirty with just a few drinks, but by the time we would leave the club and get to the hotel the mood for her was over. Too much time to think :(

Her fantasies though have evolved and become very descriptive and daring. Between some stories she’s come across and some forum discussions, she’s thrown out some what if’s in the middle of sex that have surprised me and you can tell which turn her on more by how verbal and wet she gets.

Using toys during sex is now normal for her. Anal is no longer taboo and DP with different toys is also part of our playtime together, although she still prefers it more often just us and dirt pillow talk.

Most of her fantasies, when including others, include anonymous others. I’ve tried to introduce her to the idea of including friends or coworkers just to get the fantasy more detailed but she has a hard time with that except things like the guy from the store who she caught sneaking a peak into her dressing room, a random football mom at our sons game where she’ll ask if I thought she does xyz, and has gotten very descriptive over our neighbour’s wife she says she wonders what she’d be like.

Although some of her main fantasies are tame compared to what some people do, coming from her it’s a large step. There’s very little now she’s embarrassed to share or discuss in her fantasies. MMF, MMFF, bi-curious, are her most common fantasies. Huge cocks fascinate her, but she’s very petite (5’1” / 110lbs) and says she doubts she’d enjoy anyone too big or even tempted to try. Water sports, scat, hard S&M will turn her off for a week. While there have been a few scenarios that do turn her one quite a bit that were surprising. She has come across some female or couple profiles that she has said she wishes she could have met when she was younger as their stories are hot or says she wishes she could be as open and adventurous as them.

So that's us, hope you enjoyed hearing our small adventure and road so far.



Avatar SuperDriveSam
2024-02-06 21:04:41

If you guys ever come to Seattle, I would love to host, and even if we end up with no play time, that is just fine. I can take you to some of the most wonderful spots, and go for a ride in my boat, and see what happens. ;-)

Avatar radbrad1967
2024-02-04 14:11:10

Very hot that she is thinking about other ladies! I would love to watch her picking out toys in a sex store, peeking in the changing booth while she is trying on lingerie her nipples hard with excitement because she knows I am watching her!

Avatar apollo18
2024-02-04 11:52:06

Most of the stories on here are fantasies anyway, so don’t worry about sounding “tame”. I look forward to hearing about your progress!

Avatar num1scamp
2024-02-10 19:32:43

I'm 5'6", 118 lbs. I've taken some huge cocks, but I must say it really depends on the man wielding it. It's the girth of the cock more than the length, vaginas are only so deep. I asked my husband what was the smallest woman he'd been with and he told me he dated a tiny Italian girl for a while. She was 4'10", and very petite as well. He's got a 7 1/2" cock that is very thick. He said she had no problem taking it in her ass or pussy, although she couldn't suck his cock. She couldn't get the head of it in her mouth. I've had 13" long cocks and some that are extremely thick too. My preference is 7 to 9", they seem to be perfect fits for my size. They do not stretch you out permanently. The vagina is an amazing thing, it does go back to it's normal size. I ve had men with small cocks make me cum very well. However there is something to be said about feeling absolutely full. It's also a turn on as a lady when you feel a man's cock and it actually feels very heavy in your hand. I ve also found that for me a man who has a slightly upturned cock really hits the perfect spots in me.

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