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Blogs » lifes2short's Blog » Seperated but stuck with him


Seperated but stuck with him

Avatar Username: lifes2short
Date: 07-Feb-2024 21:35:32
Mood: angry

Hi Everyone. 

I wanted to share a personal story that has been ongoing since before christmas. i split with a man who i'd been in a relationship for five years the day after a night out that ended with accusations which was embarassing leading to a full blown argument. wasn't the first time there had been others when we had been out, i'd had enough of the insecurity of his and immaturity he showed me over the last year had grown to all time low. the constant monitoring when i'd go out alone till the time i returned felt like i had been on trial for something. before christmas we got invited to a party at a friend of mines house the night was great good music atmosphere we all was having a good night with laughs. later on heading towards 11pm roundabout my friends older son had asked me for a dance politely i said why not and danced till the song had finished then returned to my drink sat down next to my then ex, i knew there was something wrong he didn't speak went all quiet with a face like thunder just staring onwards. my friend had noticed also that his demeanor had changed when he got up and went for another drink alone she quizzed me what was wrong with him i replied i honestly dont know he hasn't spoken to me since i came from having the dance, she replied, looks to me as if he'd rather be somewhere else or wants to go, i replied probably go, when he got back soon as my friend left us alone and i spoke to him again asking him if he'd go get me a drink, he looked at me replied why dont you ask that cunt of a friends son who had his hands all over your arse, i replied, whats wrong with you your determined to ruin the night at any cost, he replied don't take me for a eff fool i seen you and him laughing together whispered in your ear hands all over your arse i watched you both. i replied, whatevers in your head your way off it was a dance nothing more its a party people dance have a good time, he replied, soon as i've drank this we're going, i replied, i'm not i'm enjoying it, he replied, your coming home with me when i go not staying here on your own with him, i replied, him? theres no him, you've put 1+1 together come up with 6 it was a just a dance ffs grow up. i got up went for another drink and stayed chatting to my friend were he was eyeballing me all of the time. i told my friend what he was suggesting and she replied, omgg how paranoid can you get, i replied, yep he's becoming pathetic. he drank more and my friends son came outside to our group having a laugh and he came out saying we're going get your bag, everyone looked at me way he carried on so i replied no i'm staying i've booked the taxi for 1am, got right up his nose that did and he did not let it go. he later went up to my friends son and told him to keep his hands off me or go near me again, he told my ex he had to much to drink and to go home that he was causing embarrasment for everyone. my friend said she didnt want him there again after embarassing me and the blowout with her son. the following day i knew that was the final straw the scene he caused and the paranoia. i told him we was finished he apologised i said no enough is enough i want out. he accused me of sleeping around and mentioned my friends son again referred to me as basically a tart with no heart. i moved myself clothes everything out of the main bedroom into the other room and asked him to leave find somewhere to go, he declined no he was going nowhere' our home is a shared tenancy not up untill june' he won't leave and i cannot afford to leave, so i rang our landlord and spoke of the predicament i'm in and told me only thing he can do is when up for renewal is only let it to me so then he'd have to leave. i had to get someone to put a lock on my bedroom door as a safeguard while he was out at work. days later i came in and he said there was no need for that putting a lock on, so he'd been in the bedroom when i been out at some point otherwise how would he have known i had a lock on the inside. left me a note saying he loved me can we try again on the kitchen table one day. followed me to my sisters in a mack and a trulby disquised checking to see where i was going or meeting, how pathetic, how low can a man stoop its a long time till june i'm determined to see it through and finally get the pathetic man out of my life. has anyone else been through the same sort of paranoid delusion with a man?


Avatar hardcock01
2024-02-11 14:03:15

Hi there,yes,i have seen this a number of times over the years and it comes down to a few things,which are:jealousy,insecurity,misogyny,and coercion. I hope this helps?

Avatar lifes2short
2024-02-11 19:06:42

Does yeah a friend has said almost the same..Thanks

Avatar bigboy mc
2024-02-11 21:58:03

Hey. guys an asshole proper tool. u can do heaps better beautiful hot lady. stick wit it n show him da door u are a catch fa any guy.

Avatar SuperDriveSam
2024-02-12 06:23:24

Hi Sweetie. Sorry about your "messy situation." I am a man and I was in a very same situation with my exwife. She was so jealous that even if I had a casual conversation with a cashier at the grocery store, she would get all pissy and made my life miserable. At some point, I said, enough is enough and moved on. Of course, we did not have any kids and that made thing a lot easier. I see that you have 3. Well, no one knows the details. I think he must have something that attracted you to him. Have an honest conversation with him and see if wants to be part of the life-style. I see that you have 3 pictures showing your breasts with him. So, he must be a bit openminded, right? If he is worth keeping in your life, have a heart-to-heart conversation with him, but if his jealously is too much and he will not let go of it, then you're better off to end it as soon as possible.

Avatar ontmale
2024-02-12 20:18:36

if i were you i would move period find a new place that is affordable and do not let him know where you are period he is bad news , hardcock said it best in his description of your x , find a new partner enjoy life and get this idiot out of your life period, you dont want the situation to escalate badly for you the bigger the distance the better.

Avatar lifes2short
2024-02-12 20:19:02

Yeah that is exactly what he is doing plus more with mind games thrown in' in passing through the house its misery alright. my kids are from my first marriage, they don't live with me. i got divorced, 18 months later i met paul he to was divorced we clicked he was kind generous caring after a year he asked me if we should move in together i saw no reason why not at the time so we did get a place of our own together, we went on holidays to lovely places spent nights out a far cry from when i was married to the kids dad, the first 3 years was lovely the stability too made a change from the kids dad there was a lot of hardship struggles, with paul i was mostly contented happy, our lifestyle i loved holidays were lavish no cost spared if i wanted something he'd get it, i knew paul had a nautier cheeky side he'd dare me to go topless on the beach alone and i would for a bit of fun, got to the stage he'd ask me to do a cheeky one in public place i'd laugh it off and comply with it, it became fun he loved all that and it grew on me so it became a regular. it was roughly 6 months later that things started to change with him when we attended nights out, clothes i'd wear be questionable, arguments he'd start after night out if i was chatting laughingly to someone he'd quiestion me when i got home; saying or gesturing about encouraging behaviour on my part and calling me nasty names, it went on from bad to worse we couldnt go out without him having a go back home later on always saying i' was at fault. he even brought up photo's of us and ask if i'd shown my body to another man or done the same as he has, didn't matter what i said he would never believe it. he's say well you done it for me why not some other bloke. i never done that with anyone else not even the kids dad when i was married but would he listen 'no' paul is openminded yeah but for him privately he loves that, but because i've been through it with him; he thinks i'm doing the same with oth

Avatar ontmale
2024-02-12 20:19:31

but you have pics of you two up as a couple you need to take them down put ones up about you and you alone.

Avatar lifes2short
2024-02-12 20:34:10

continued.... the same with others and the jealosy and paranoia with him is through the roof, there is no way of a reconciliation on my part i want out and i've said as much time again......i would love to move away but i just cannot afford to i've looked into it and the rentals are astromonical deposits are mega in the regions of 2,000.. or i would ontmale... he is bad news i know that his behaviour is wicked at best, he can afford to go, but won't as he keeps pointing out the tenancy clause and laughs doing so. if it wasn't for the unaffordable deposit i'd be off in a flash and far. not the man i met 5 years ago a wolf in sheeps clothing now.

Avatar lifes2short
2024-02-12 20:39:54

yeah i know, those were over a year ago, i've posted since alone but still awaiting approval i uploaded friday too

Avatar bigboy mc
2024-02-12 22:03:30

a feel fa you da guys head is fucked ya need him out bigtime hey don't leave dat yard make him go hey al happily evict him from ya house. drop by ma page anytime lets chat hotness

Avatar lifes2short
2024-02-12 22:13:16

Want him gone without any trouble so i can move on with my life had enough turmoil lately

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