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Old 12-29-2017, 11:08 PM
ThedogofGeorgia's Avatar
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2014
Posts: 449
Default I think I am crazy

As a gift I agreed to do a 25 black guy gang bang. It got way out of control. They tied Paul to a chair and made him watch while I was brutally used and raped all night long. They literally beat me so bad that I was hospitalized for 3 days. Both my pussy and my asshole had to be chemically glued rather than stitched. My nipples required plastic surgery to repair damage
done with razor blades cutting my nipples. My face was swollen where I had been slapped and punched. My body was bloodied and bruised by the assault. Paul was told to enjoy watching his wife die after servicing men like a good whore should. A maid heard Paul screaming and I was taken to the hospital. Part of me is afraid it could happen again while part of me wishes it would. This feeling is really confusing, am I really such a whore that I get sexually excited about being gang raped and almost killed?...Rhonda
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Old 12-30-2017, 04:02 PM
SexyBluIs's Avatar
Junior Member
Join Date: Dec 2008
Posts: 24

Wow. Rhonda, I'm very sorry to hear what happened, it should never have ended that way. Sex is "supposed" to be fun, even if it was a little rough, or even a lot rough. But it's NEVER supposed to to injure you or scare the shit out of your SO. Maybe it's the danger, maybe it's the humiliation; of you, of Paul(helpless while they use you), maybe it was just a couple of bad apples taking shit too far. MAY-Be a combo of some or all of above. But it should NEVER end like that. Shame on THEM!
I for one, as an admirer of your work, hope you mend quickly and get back to enjoying what you do. I also hope that you & Paul add some safety precautions to limit future excesses. Get well soon....
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Old 01-03-2018, 04:49 AM
ThedogofGeorgia's Avatar
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2014
Posts: 449
Default Making it safe

Paul and I watched some of the video of me being assaulted and used. I got so wet even though when the SB decided to punch me until I was unconscious and he could do to me whatever to. While I closed my eyes I could hear myself screaming during the assault. I was surprised to feel Paul cum as he watched. I want to be totally dominated in the futere just not beat like I was. It was the only time I have ever been gang raped and for some reason I want it again. I don't understand me sometimes...Rhonda
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Old 01-03-2018, 05:48 PM
xxxxheels's Avatar
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2017
Posts: 1

I bet Paul wants it to happen again too, after all he did cum in you watching you being beaten and raped. I know my husband wants this too, and so do I. He bent me over and told me to read your story out loud again and again as he pounded my asshole. Limits, who needs them.
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Old 05-15-2018, 03:07 AM
John Skolte's Avatar
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2007
Posts: 402
Red face Me, too

We are too old for that, now, but back in the day...
Soo sorry to read that things went to such an extreme for you, Rhonda.
However, I had always hoped my wife would be raped by some guy, preferably a bunch of guys.

While we were dating, she told me how a carload of guys tried to grab her, once, before we met, with obvious intentions. After a little thought, I told her that if it ever happened again I wanted her to not resist and let them have her, making up phony reasons why she should. She agreed to do as I asked, but it never happened, though I hoped it would. I WANTED her to let other guys fuck her, involuntarily, as soon as she told me about that incident. And I didn't want it to happen just once. I wanted her to be a whore.
However, there were a few times after we got married when rape was a possibility. The way she sounded telling me about them, I think she was turned on by the possibility.
Mind you, I wasn't hoping for an experience as extreme as yours. I just wanted one or more, preferably many more, guys to take her, over power her, and force her to have sex, lots of sex, whether she wanted it, or not. And I wanted it to happen often. I wanted her to be fucked like a whore.
I guess it's a problem for girls generally, but my wife seems to have been a "rape magnet" from early on, with several close calls and one or two successful rapes. Overall she had been fucked enough that being forced to have sex wasn't really that big of a thing, as long as she wasn't brutalized the way you were.
She enjoyed sex and was always wet and ready for fucking. There were at least two times when things could have turned into her being gang-raped, which I would have loved. Everything was right for her letting one guy fuck her could/would have resulted in her being fucked by several/many more guys. Once a bunch of CB'ers another time a bunch of guys from where I worked at a divisional Christmas party. In both of those situations, once the fucking had started, it would have been MANY guys, with quite a few coming back for seconds and thirds or more. At the party, she may not even have realized she was being gangbanged until it was well under way.
She had a knack for putting herself at risk. Like going out naked after dark to hang the laundry out to dry in the back yard in a neighborhood where groups of late teen boys occasionally walked by after dark. If one of those groups had walked by and seen her out hanging clothes in the nude, I'm sure they wouldn't have wasted any time asking her if she wanted to fuck before taking her. And the thought of having everyone find out she was running around naked would have kept her from doing more than struggling physically while they overwhelmed her and had their way with her. Once they were through using her, out there in our large, dark back yard, however long that took, I would have found out when she came in, thoroughly fucked, and told me what happened. Back in those days, even if a protest had been made, which I wouldn't have done, those guys would never have been caught and would have been free to do it to her again the next time they caught her hanging laundry in the nude at night. And I'm sure she would have.
Gawd, aside from the times she LET guys fuck her, the first 20 years of our marriage are loaded with times she could have been taken and fucked, either because she was drunk, or because she was forced to give it up. Once, about two years after we got married, a couple of drunks came to our apartment late at night, after I had gone to bed, and barged in, looking for a prostitute. My wife was able to talk them into leaving, but if she hadn't, they could have partied with her all they wanted on the daven-o-bed in full view in front of our open back window. It wouldn't have mattered that I was sleeping in the next room, like she told them, because I was/am a sound sleeper and would have slept through whatever commotion they made while they fucked her. Once they had done that, if they had, they could have felt free to come back to use her any night, and as often as, they wanted to. And, if they had, there probably would have been a growing number of men coming to our apartment between 12 and 2AM, looking to get in on the action with the new, young whore in town while her husband slept in the next room. Simple fact, it would have been easy for any two, or more, men to feel her up, strip her naked, pin her down on that daven-o-bed, and fuck her all they wanted.
Those early years of our marriage were rife with those kind of opportunities for her to be taken forcibly for sex. And, as I pointed out, she was good at setting herself up for it, whether she meant to, or not.
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Old Yesterday, 05:52 PM
John Skolte's Avatar
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2007
Posts: 402
Smile College town bar/pool hall

One of my wife's early jobs was in retail. A multiple store private company with stores in several towns.
It was management's policy to have store parties, with a big annual Christmas party in the town where the home store was located, a river town with a large college population, among other things. Transportation was provided to the party, as was all the provisions and entertainment.
After the dinner, three of my wife's younger co-workers decided to go bar hopping and took my eager wife, and me, along. While my wife claims she can handle her liquor, after she has had a few she really loses it and gets pretty wild. And inviting.
The bar we ended up in had several pool tables that were being used by quite few guys in their early twenties. My wife got interested in a pinball machine and was so engrossed that she was unaware of her surroundings. She was putting on quite a show bent over the game with her backside moving around and the back of her skirt way up, exposing most of her legs to view, just short of her crotch. Very enticing.
By the time her co-workers decided it was time to return to the party so we wouldn't miss the ride home, my wife's actions had gotten the attention of most of the guys playing pool. They were eyeing her over and some of them had started to move closer. She didn't notice this, but I did. If we had had our own way home, instead of company provided transport, we could have stayed longer. And, if we had, I am certain it wouldn't have been long before several of those guys would have dragged my wife up on a pool table, stripped her naked, and gang raped her, which I would have loved.
This was about the same time a bar/pool hall gained national notoriety when a group of male patrons did exactly what my wife almost incited to another young woman, who finally escaped her situation by running naked out into the street. I don't think my wife would have escaped, possibly even being moved to a college dormitory, where the fucking could continue, with my blessing. A bar/pool hall gang rape turning into one of those notorious college dormitory gang bangs. Richly earned by my wife's actions. She could have handled all that fucking, too, though she may have walked funny for a while.
I spent the next few years trying to figure out an excuse to take her back to that town, hopefully find that bar again, and see if I couldn't get her to repeat her pinball game performance and incite a bunch of guys, like she had. Only, this time, with our own wheels, we could have stayed as long as it took for the guys to actually take her, and for as long as they needed to use her all they wanted to.
It still blows me away, about thirty years later, remembering the show she was putting on, and how those guys were reacting, and how close she came to getting gang banged. Just a few minutes more and I'm sure they would have taken her. I think her co-workers had also noticed what was happening and that was why they decided to go back to the party.
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