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Blogs » BlondeRabbit's Blog » Last part of the Old Man story I never got finish until now


Last part of the Old Man story I never got finish until now

Avatar Username: BlondeRabbit
Date: 29-Jan-2024 14:48:46
Mood: happy

I never got round to finishing this story so I will try and remember the details it has been so long now since it happened to bear with me please.
The old man was insistant on having hubby suck his cock before he fucked me and I thought long and hard about this I had already taken the first step but nowhere near close enough to get him to do what the old man wanted !
I came up with an idea ! some of the local teenagers would go into the woods and collect what we call magick mushrooms they are basically LSD far as I know.... I asked a few of them to collect me a few and just said it was for my own use becasue I had never tried them before they laughed but went out and brought me some back anyway in return I gave them a bottle of hubbys whiskey lol they where very happy with that.... one of the cheeky buggers slapped my ass though and said he would rather have me lol his friends ushered him out of the house thankfully.
I went next door and told the old man I have a plan he said ah yes well done slut, I said when I go out tonight and come back I will knock on your door once anddear there is no whiskey I only have wine (hubby hates white winethen you come round to my house ok ? he said no not ok ! he said when you go out tonight I am going out also so I will see you around the bars with your friends and you tell me when you are going home and I will follow ! but you need to wear your high brown boots, brown mini skirt, white blouse and tan sockings with your tiny white G string panties and you make sure I get to see up your skirt when you are out slut !!! I had to agree so said ok then.
Whilst out it was uneventfull but me and the girls had a laugh and old man was there of course lurking about so to keep him happy I went to the bar and stood beside him (the bar was very crowded) I lifted the back of my mini skirt up to show him my G string and he felt my pussy whislt I was ordering drinks I pulled my skirt back down and turned and he said that's very good slut see how hard you have made me ? his big dick was very errect and clearly visible in his pants, he said that is for you and your hubby later !
A couple of hours passed and it was closing time so I went to the toilet and said to the old man on the way past I am walking home now with my friends but will seperate from them at the lane as they live in the opposite direction from that point on, he said ok I will leave now and wait just past the lane for you... once there here he is he gave me a bit of a fright as he appeared out of nowhere and started laughing grabbed me by the waist and forced my hand inside his pants and said stroke this slut ! I said wait he said it needs to be hard and stay hard so I did stroke it for him and gave him a very short blow job, we walked up the road together and he had his hand up my skirt and two fingers inside my pussy the whole way to keep him hard so he said !
Once home I called to hubby and said we have a visitor hun, he came through into the kitchen and said hello to the old man and they sat down, I said oh we have no whiskey left and I only have wine (hubby hates white wine) I said well you have drank enough beers already I think so I will make you some green tea instead ! he looked and said yeah ok then why not (the green tea was the mushrooms lol) the old man had a glass of wine and we where chatting hubby liked the new "green tea" lol so had another cup of it...
After about 40 mins or so hubby is acting a bit strange talking nonsense and then sat staring at the kitchen doors lol would not respond to any conversation just totaly focused on the doors the old man laughed and said to me ok slut stand up take your blouse and bra off right here ! I said hell no he said yes you will if he really is under the infuence he wont even notice ! so I did and yes hubby took no notice at all the old man said ok I am going to the bedroom you bring him upstairs soon as you can...
It took me quite a while to get hubby to respond but eventually yes and I said yo need to go to bed hun and I escorted him to the bedroom he did not even notice the old man in the bed ! I took his shirt and pants off and laid him on the bed the old man was playing with his own dick and said to me take your skirt off slut and stroke his dick to see if it is goign to work... eventually yes he started to get hard the old man then said good now guide my hand towards his dick so he thinks it could be yours still... that worked and the old man was gently pulling my hubbys now hard dick ! the old man said kiss me so he gets the scent of your lipstick so I did the old man then started to suck hubbys dick !!!! hubby seemed like he was enjoying it and I heard him mumble "ah Michelle that is so good" hehehehe... the old man had me take a turn at sucking hubbys dick then went back to it, he asked me to play with his dick whislt he was giving hubby a blow job... it did not take very long hubby came into the old mans mouth and he swollowed it all !!! I was quite shocked actually but the old man said now kiss me slut, he gave me the hardest fucking he had ever given me after that and made me suck hubbys flacid dick whislt he was fucking me from behind, eventually he came on my face and told me to leave it there not to wash it off so hubby would see it dried up on my face in the morning and think it was his lol
In the morning hubby said he had the most weird dream but never expanded upon that LOL he looked at my face and said oh maybe part of it was real then ! and looked at me still wearing my G string, tan stockings and boots then said wow that is the first time in ages we have had sex hun I just smiled and gave him a kiss.
Didn't see the old man for a couple of days after that night then he must have waited for hubby to go to work and came round knocking on the door so I told what happened that morning and he said yeah I knew it ! I have a gift for you slut it was a silver butt plug 'gulp" he insisted that I pull down my lycra leggings and he would inset it and said I had to wear this at all times apart from when nature calls so to speak... I reluctantly agreed to his demand he then said ok you have 10 mins to put on some make up and stockings with your highest heels slut I will be up shortly ! Off I went and yes of course right on 10mins he was in the bedroom I was already laid there on the bed waiting he said yes now you really are a dirty slut Michelle and dropped his pants climbed onto the bed and stated to lick my pussy, I really did enjoy his very big dick though so it was not all bad lol


Avatar ontmale
2024-02-05 20:41:13

just re read that story again your being owned by that old man and enjoying it , there are more adventures i bet and would love to read about them tks for the story it was hot

Avatar BlondeRabbit
2024-02-06 15:01:36

Thank you x

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