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Blogs » BlondeRabbit's Blog » My Hubby a story about his past


My Hubby a story about his past

Avatar Username: BlondeRabbit
Date: 07-Feb-2024 03:36:13
Mood: other

Hubby was married before and very young at the time his wife was an Escort he thought he had fallen in love with but eventually realised it was an infatuation hubby was the biker type (not hippy) and had long wavey brown hair.... this is part of what he told me:

He came in from work one evening and found a note from his wife saying that she was leaving him due to age difference etc etc (he was only 18yrd she was 30yrd) of course he was gutted by this. After a couple of days he took a look around the flat and checked the drawers she had left a lot of clothes and only took what she could carry he assumed.

Now hubby admitted to me not long after we met that he had a bit of a fetish for wearing womens clothes.
He decided to go and get a few drinks from the shop and sat down played some records all alone... after a while he got to thinking about the clothes she had left behind, so he decided to take another look through the drawers and found a pair of white tights, a very short black mini dress, pink panties and her black high heeled boots ! he said he thought about it for a while and then said to himself "oh what the hell" and then proceeded to put the tights on and then the panties over the top, mini dress then boots which where a very tight fit since she was a 7 and he is a 9 ! but he said he managed and could walk in them without too much trouble... he found some basic makeup she had left on the bedside table and applied it... feeling quite pleased with himself he sat back down and had another drink and walked around the flat a bit looking in the mirror.

He had another drink and thought lets go for a walk outside ! so off he went walked up the street onto the main road for a way and turned down a side street to walk around the block as we call it, when a Taxi driver slowed down and asked do you want a ride ? he said no the driver said look I know you are male and your in a bad part of town late at night dressed like that ! you know how people are around here let me give you a ride home... hubby agreed and got inside the taxi, the driver lots of questions and to cut it short he said he likes to dress this way at times, the driver asked so are you wearing your wifes panties ? he said yes and pulled the dress up show them the driver looked and reached out a hand to touch but stopped himself... once outside hubbys flat the driver is still talking and asked if he could come inside for a coffee ? hubby at first said no but eventually the driver convinced him (driver was around 40ish yrd) so hubby (/he) made a coffee and they sat on the sofa together talking, the driver placed his hand on hubbys thigh and slowly started to rub up and down the driver said is this ok ? hubby said well yes I surpose so, the driver then asked can I see those panties again ? hubby said yeah ok so he pulled up the dress slightly and the driver moved his hand to feel hubbys dick, at this point hubby said he was protesting slightly and the driver said it is ok just tell me to stop and I will.... hubby said I did not answer him and just let him do it...

The driver asked hubby to stand up so he could have a better look so hubby did and the driver said oh I see your dick is starting to get a bit hard and with that he chuckled slightly, hubby said yes it is and so is yours ! with that being said the driver stood up cupped hubbys balls and dick then kissed him on the lips hubby said he pulled back slightly but gave in after the driver had placed his around him so he could not move anyway he was much stronger.... the driver unzipped his pants and placed hubbys hand inside and told him to stroke his dick ! hubby did as told... the driver liked this and removed hubby's hand then pulled his dick out it must have been about 7ins long hubby said... the driver ordered hubby to suck it, hubby said I felt like I had no choice in the matter... after a short while the drive said take me to the bedroom so off they went.... the driver stripped off all of his clothes laid down on the bed and said come sit on top of me pull my hard dick and kiss me deeply bitch ! again hubby did as ordered, the driver pulled down hubbys panties and tights spat on his dick a few times and ordered hubby to bend over the bed.... the driver forcefully rammed his hard dick into hubbys ass !!! hubby said it hurt at first but after a while it was ok and felt quite nice... the driver came inside of hubbys ass and the driver said your a drity bitch ! I am going back to work now but make sure you are here in the morning as I will have a parcel for you ! hubby said ok I will and with that the driver left.

(Ok for clarification Hubby is = Paul the driver is = Tom)

Mid afternoon Paul was still sleeping but got woken up by a knock on the door, by the time he got to the door nobody was there except for this parcel... Paul took it inside, opened it up and inside was black eyeliner, red lipstick, some blusher, a pair of flat black shoes, white fishnet stockings, black and white checkered mini skirt, very tight white blouse and a pair of lacey pink high cut panties along with a note saying "I will be here at 8pm tonight if you are ok with this then wear the clothes I left you, shave your legs and your pubic hair off and leave the bedroom curtains open I will take that as being a yes, Love Tom"...

Paul said he was very unsure about all of this and needed a drink lol so went and got credit at the corner shop for a bottle of Vodka... drank quite a few shots whislt thinking and tried on the clothes then decided to go shave his legs and pubic hair off, had a bath applied the make up went to the bedroom and got dressed in the new clothes... opened the bedroom curtains wide, sat back down 1 hour to go, had a few more shots and then a "knock" on the door !! Paul said he was very nervous at first but aswered the door, Tom was stood there looked Paul up and down and said wow you look very sexy bitch and handed him a jar of vassoline then said put that on the bedside table for later...

Paul said are you not coming inside ? Tom said no not yet you are coming with me ! Paul said where ? Tom said I know a very quiet bar we can have a couple of drinks together... Paul said he almost froze with fear about going to a bar dressed like this !!! but Tom was not taking no for an answer, they got in the car and off to the bar Tom knew, Paul said it was ok nobody actually took much notice of me being male and Tom did not care either way, it was an enjoyable evening... once they got back to Paul's flat Paul poured Tom a shot of Vodka and they had some more small talk and Tom was saying see I knew you would enjoy yourself and would fit in, Paul admitted that he did have a good time and it felt so sexy and risky to be out dressed as a girl....

Tom asked so do you want to do this again ? Paul said yes I do it was fun but I needed to have a few drinks first, Tom laughed and said of course.... with that Tom pulled out his big dick and Paul said without question I automatically went down and started to suck it, Tom was rubbing Paul's leg and ass, Tom told him to stop sucking as he was almost going to cum so they kissed instead whislt Tom was pulling Paul's dick (about 6ins)... Paul said let's go to bed Tom, he agreed once in bed Tom was naked again but insited on Paul keeping all of the clothes on and ordered Paul to get the vassoline and lube his ass and also Tom's dick.... Paul said they fucked for hours off and on until they both fell asleep...

Paul said he woke up first in the morning with Tom snuggled up alongside him and he felt disgusted with himself now being sober lol... Pual went to the toilet came back and Tom is awake and starting to get dressed, Tom said right dirty little bitch put some lipstick on (so Paul did) and suck my dick before I go to work ! Paul said he was really ramming it down his throat and in a short time he came loads into Paul's mouth ! Paul said he felt like vomiting but Tom nipped his nose and closed his jaw so Paul had to swallow the cum !!!! Tom was very impressed.

That is not the end of it there is much more to tell, such as Tom having Paul meet him half way across town dressed all in skin tight lycra !...... that is another story though please comment if you want to hear more :-)



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