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Blogs » BlondeRabbit's Blog » Stealing my friends random pick up


Stealing my friends random pick up

Avatar Username: BlondeRabbit
Date: 07-Feb-2024 15:20:26
Mood: horny

To cut a long story short my best friend June had split up with her husband and rented a house for her and the three kids just around the corner from me.... When she was with her hubby their house was a regular party house at a weekend and we used to alternate between her house and mine.

June had only had sex with two guys in her life and one being her husband so once she was seperated from him she was like a bitch in heat LOL (very pretty lady natural blond hair and a shapely figure) we used to go out as per usual at a weekend mostly around the local bars but at times into the city.... of course the guys always used to target us two blondes wearing very shot mini skirts boots and stockings hehehe June's mission was to just get any man to take back home and fuck her she wanted it more and more, as for me luckly I could be much more selective so to say...

One night we were out locally and June got talking to a quite hansome guy in his mid 30's I guess, I was talking to a few other guys that did not interest me in the least... at closing time June said to the guy do you want to come back to my house for a drink and stay over if you want ? he said yes I would like that, June literally grabbed me by the arm and said we are going back to my house now ! I said erm ok yes...

Once at Junes house she put some music on and poured a few glasses of wine the three of us where sat in the kitchen just talking about general stuff... June said where is your hubby ? I said he's at home playing online games far as I know why ? well message him and tell him to come round and bring some more wine LOL, so I did (June was just as much his friend as she was mine) Hubby showed up 15mins later with more wine and June introduced him to the new random guy she had picked up at the bar hehehe, we all got along great and June said oh its a bit cold in here lets go to the living room and sit there with the fire on we all agreed...

Hubby sat down on the rug next to the fire, June sat on her sofa with the random guy I sat down next to hubby but had to raise my skirt so it would not split which exposed my panties within full view of the random guy his eyes lit up ! and then then he diverted his attention to listen to what June was talking about... we chatted again for a while and June got up and brought another bottle of wine in and filled our glasses, I said thank you I need to use the toilet though June laughed and said you are not going to be sick are you ? (as a joke) I said hell no I just need to pee that is all LOL

I went upstairs to the toilet I did not need a pee at all I had a thought to to tease the random guy so I took off my panties went back downstairs and into the kitchen and placed them into my bag then went back to the living room and sat down again on the floor next to hubby the random guy sort of glanced and then refocused since he had just seen my shaved pussy I made sure he could see all of it his eyes where fixed for a few moments lol...

Hubby decided he wanted to go outside for a smoke and June said yes give me one please so off they went... I rasied my leg higher and said to the guy do you want me hun or do you want June ? he said I want you, I said stand up quickly and show me your dick then hun he did and it was already erect !!! I said oh wow you really do want me hehehe I told him to move forward and I gave him a very quick blow job and told him to sit back down, he said so how are we goign to fuck ? I said just wait...

Hubby and June came back in and sat down June put her arm around random guy and was trying to get close but he was not really interested, after a while I said well hubby go and get teh botle of Vodka from home and we will make up a few cocktails and june turn the music up ! hubby agreed and off he went the three of of us went into the kitchen and sat down, hubby came back and made us all some strange mixture (could not call it a cocktail but tasted ok) after a few shots of that hubby and June got up dancing hehehe left me sat beside the random guy he placed his hand on my thigh under the table I said to him do not drink too much of that stuff just keep my hubby and June topped up with it ok ? he grinned and said yes understood....

After about an hour us all up and down dancing there was just hubby and June dancing still and very drunk... the random guy got up and said I need to pee so off he went to the toilet... I waited a few mins and went upstairs knocked on the toilet door and said are you ok in there ? he said yes come in, I entered and he is stood there naked with a very large errection and said I was waiting for you ! he came closer to me and placed my hand on his hard dick and started to French kiss me, his body was so muscular as I was pulling his hard dick I was stroking his chest and his back and his cheeks, he said you like this ? I said yes I do very much hun, he said ok babe unzip your dress for me, so I did and let it fall to the floor he stepped back a bit and said yes babe I like also, he undid my bra leaving me almost naked apart from my hold up stockings and boots.... He placed two fingers inside my very wet pussy and kept on kissing me I was pulling his very hard dick all the time...

He said where can we fuck babe ? I said downstairs in the living room he said no way what if your hubby or June comes in ? I so what LOL so we went down into the living room I gave him a very sloppy blow job he loved it he kept calling me dirty bitch and pushing my head down deeper, I sat on top of him and his big dick slid right inside my wet pussy he fucked me sensless I was panting and almost screeing with pleasure I could not help myself he was trying to keep his hand over my mouth LOL he turned me over and we had sex doggy style and he asked me if I like a dick in my ass I siad oh yes I do hun he pulled out rubbed my pussy and massarged my cum into my ass and then roughly forced his dick inside my anus ! I let out a slight screem and he was pumping me hard... A few moments later my hubby came into the living room and seen me getting fucked the random dude tried to pull out of me but I held onto him and said it is ok stay inside hun ! Hubby said oh ok you are alright then I was just checking I will go back and dance with June and keep her out of your way !

The random guy laughed and after a while shot his load into my very sore ass ! he laid on the floor and I sucked his big dick dry and clean milking his balls, he said you are such a fucking slut I said thank you LOL

We both went to the toilet together and got dressed then went back down and into the kitchen, June said wher have you two been I said just talking in the living room (she was very drunk) hubby said well I think it is time we head off home now, I said good bye to the random dude (he did place his hand up my skirt again for on last sneeky feel lol) and bye to June and off we went...

Once back at home hubby said did you enjoy that ? I said yes it was awesome hun did you like what you seen when he was fucking me in the ass when you walked in ? hubby said hell yes I did look and he unzipped his jeans and showed me all the cum in his underpants ! LOL I he said I cum in my pants as soon as I seen you getting fucked !

The next day I sent June a message saying have you recovered from the drink ? she said only just, what about the random guy then ? she said he called a taxi after you left and fucked off !!! I said oh dear sorry to hear that maybe you two were not compatible afterall she said obviously not but there is always next weekend LOL


Avatar mattywhatty
2024-04-25 16:54:51

Really good story thanks for taking time to post it.

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