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Father in law

Avatar Username: BlondeRabbit
Date: 13-Feb-2024 19:34:19
Mood: horny

My hubby's father was an attractive gent always dressed very smart in expensive attire andwhen he came to visit he would always give me a hug and say how sexy I looked and at times feel my ass and grin... I did not not mind as I say he was an attractive guy with a wicked sense of humour....
One day me and hubby had a huge argument, so bad I told him to leave and threw some of his clothes out of the bedroom window along with a few other possesions of his LOL.... he picked them up and left...
The following evening the front door opened (never used to lock it until late at night a very quiet village we lived in) and in walked his father (Colin) he said how are you I spoke to Andy (my hubby) and he said he had been kicked out of the house, I said well he deserved it, Colin just laughed and gave me a hug as usual and then said have you had dinner yet ? I said no he said ah good neither have I shall we go out for a meal I am paying ? I said no it is ok I have food in here he said oh to hell with that lets just go out for a meal ! I said well yeah if you insist, I need to freshen up my make up first though, he said ok well since your are doing that could you change into your very short white min dress for me ? I laughed and said you serious he said yes, oh ok if that's what you want... 10mins or so later I came back downstairs into the kitchen and he said wow you look very sexy I said thank you, Colin said though where are the white fishnet stockings ? I said I have them they are in the drawer, he said well go and put them on and wear your pink high heels I seen you wearing a few months ago ! I did not question for some reason I just went back to my bedroom and did what he asked... When I returned he was stood outside smoking and had hellped himself to a glass of wine, I said are we ready to go now ? he said hell yes give me a moment to finish this, so I went back inside the kitchen to get my house keys and my handbag, Colin walked back in placed the glass in the sink turned and ran his hand up the inside of my thigh very quickly and felt my pussy ! I stepped back a bit and asked what are you doing ? he said at your age you should know by now and laughed, he placed his arms around me and moved his hand under my dress again and pulled down my thong panties he said you won't be needing to wear these Michelle not tonight !!! I did not protest...
Off we went to a very nice resturant in the city and had a lovely meal along with some drinks, he said well maybe it is time I drive you back home do you have anymore of that wine ? I said yes Colin said great so we can have a drink at your house then ? I said yes of course.... during the drive back my stocking tops where clearly visible and Colin after a short while started to run his hand up and down my leg, I thought what the hell and slid slightly forward in the seat so my dress would ride up and he could see my pussy ! he looked and said now that looks very tasty Michelle I just smilled...
Once at home I poured two glasses of wine Colin sat at the table and said have aseat and relax a bit so I did, we talked about general things for a while and he asked about his son etc... we finished two bottles of that wine and Colin said I am way over the limit for driving can I just crash here tonight ? I said of course you can... then Colin said can I crash with you ? I laughed and said so you want to fuck your son's wife ? Colin said damn right I do I wanted to fuck you from the first time we met ! I said oh dear such a long time to have an errection he laughed and said yeah way too fucking long ! I said well what if I say no ? he said I will respect that... I said well it is no I will get you some blankets and you sleep on the couch he said that is fine...
He went into the living room to sleep and I went upsatirs to bed after around 30 mins or so just laid on the top of my bed I took off my mini dress and bra, left only my white stockings and heels on then went downstairs into the living room Colin was fast asleep and snoring lol I pulled the blankets back and was pleased to find that he was only wearing his underpants, I started to rub his cock and put it in my mouth and gently licked and sucked it a bit, he sort of stirred and grunted a bit, his flacid dick was getting hard, I climbed on top of him still pulling his cock and kissed him on the lips he woke up all of a sudden eyes wide open and said oh it's you Michelle what are doing I thought you did not want this ? I said I changed my mind Daddy, he said Daddy ??? I said well you are my father in law still yes ? he said oh fuck yes so you want Daddy to fuck you hard girl ? I said yes please Daddy, he said you are so fucking sexy stand up and let me have a good look at those big tits and your sexy legs girl ! so I did and he was pulling his now very hard cock it was a good couple of inches bigger than his son's, I said daddy let's go to my bed, he said yes.... once up there he licked my pussy for what seemed like ages and made me cum twice ! we had amazing sex.
Afterwards we talked for a short while whislt I was still rubbing his cock and kissing him deeply inbetween conversation, he said to me girl can you do something else for me ? I said yes Daddy what ? he said I am going to go down and have a smoke,can you wear for me what my son likes to see you dressed in he must have a fav outfit ? I grinned and said yes he does Daddy you go for a smoke and I will get dressed for you..
I wore a black minidress witha zipper that go's all the way from top to bottom up the front of it, black stockings, black knee lengh boots with crimson bra and lace panties.... I went down to the kitchen he had finished his smoke and he said omg wow so fucking sexy I unzipped the front of my dress slightly so he could see my panties and he said girl my son does have good taste in choice of clothes and women if nothing else I laughed.... Colin then said girl can I fuck you in the ass wearing that ? I said yes daddy of course you can I love to be fucked in the ass Daddy especially witha big cock like yours Daddy, I did not even have to touch his cock or kiss him his cock was rock hard !!!! He bent me over the table and roughly fucked me in my tight ass, I was saying to him yes Daddy please harder thank you Daddy cum insdie me Daddy I am your girl.
The next morning I woke up and he was gone, I found a note on the kitchen table basically saying thank you for an awesome night, i have work to do so had to leave early sorry for that, I hope we can do this again ? Love Daddy.. P.S. this is my cell phone number....... LOL I felt slightly used but not concerend about it becasue I did enjoy myself, I sent him a mesage and said Yes Daddy I understand, thank you for fucking me me so good xxx.... he replied with So we can do this again even if my son comes back to you ? I said Yes Daddy I am your slut now I will not have sex with my husband only with you Daddy so please come and visit me again xxx
A few days later my hubby showed up at the house and appologised, we made peace with eachother and he moved back in... later on that evening we where talking and he said yeah I spoke to my father and said I advised that I should appologise as I was in the wrong.... I said ah well ay least one of you has some common sense LOL hubby said nothing and had another drink... I went to the toilet and messaged Daddy and said he is back home.... Daddy said good, this makes it even better me knowing you are going to be sucking and fucking Daddy's big cock whilst your husband is at home hahaha, you are MY slut now nobody elses unless I say so ! you already dress like a slut and act like one so I expect you to never wear any panties again so I can have easy access to your shaved pussy at any time....
I responded with Yes Daddy I am your slut so whatever you wish...
It was quite a few hours later and Daddy sent me a message saying he is going to come and visit ! he said he wanted to fuck his slut so badly again LOL.... His orders where simple he said only wear tan hold up stockings and the brown boots you have nothing else !!!! I said well hubby is in the house ! Daddy said yes even better just go and put your makeup on and get wear what I said then go downstairs, make sure the front door is unlocked and also make sure my son see's you !
I siad yes Daddy.... oh hell I thought this is going to be awkward ! anyway off I went, and after I walked into the living room and beside my hubby's computer room / office where he was and he seen me and said fucking hell you look very sexy Michelle ! I said thank you and as that was said my hubby seen his fathers jeep pull up outside !!! he said oh shit quick go and put a dress on.... I walked along the corridoor and in walked Daddy through the front door ! he smilled and said hello slut very loudly ! and with that he reached out and stroked my pussy along with inserting two fingers inside me I let out a slight gasp, my hubby came through and said ah hello father sorry about Michelle not having a dress on she was just asking me if the boots suited the tan stockings before she got dressed.... Daddy said that is ok the slut looks perfect to me !!! my face went bright red and my hubby said come on father don't say that she is my wife for fuck sake, he said ah yes and patted me on the ass then said go and get me a glass of wine ! my hubby said well wait untill she puts a dress on ? Daddy said no need I have seen everything anyway.... I got him a glass of wine and said Colin your wine is on the table he shouted and said who ? I said sorry Daddy your wine is on the table... he said that's better he and hubby cam einto the kitchen, hubby looked a bit confused of course and daddy said well are you having a glass ? hubby said no Daddy said well best you go back to do your work or whatever it is you do on that computer then ! hubby said yes I have to actually and he said to me Michelle go and put a dress on !
Daddy sat down and pulled his big cock out of his pants and said come here slut suck it now ! I did as he asked after a few mins he ordered me to sit on his hard cock and he fucked me very hard it did not take long for him to cum inside me this time and I went to get a tissue to wipe the cum up that was running down my leg !... Daddy said NO do not do that go through to my son's computer room so he can see the cum running down your leg and ask him what dress does he think you should wear tonight ? ..... Oh heck ! I hesitated and daddy ordered me to do it again so I did... I walked into the computer room and said Andy which dress do you think I should wear ? he looked at me and said I think the tan coloured one that will match your boots Michelle and then he noticed the cum running down my leg his eyes widened and then looked at me again but said nothing he just knew I had been fucked !!!
I went back to the kitchen and Daddy was laughing he said very well done slut ! no go put that dress on... I went off upstairs put the dress on, came back down and Daddy said wipe the cum off your leg with your hand and lick it up, so that is what I did he said you are such a dirty fucking slut Michelle I said yes Daddy I am...
After that I went though to to see hubby and said ok me and Daddy are going out for a few drinks you are busy so we shall see you later ? hubby said Daddy ? I said well yes he's my father in law so yes my Daddy also yes ? he said well yes yeah.... daddy was listening and when we got into his jeep (Range Rover it was) he laughed and said that was a good comeback I can imagine the look on my son's face hahaha.


Avatar seafreetime
2024-03-26 03:00:17

nice family sex story

Avatar ontmale
2024-02-15 12:41:58

well thats keepin it in the family hot story love the adventure and i am sure there is more

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